Secret to Develop Websites with Quality and Speed


What is GIT? The secret behind Ready Artwork’s website development is quality and speed.

When professional web developers start to build a website, they never work on the actual live site itself. If you are the client, surely you don’t want the public to see an incomplete site while it is undergoing development. This is why website developers will set up a separate development site on a private server for building and testing. Once the client is happy with the development site, the final version of the website will be moved to the live server.

The development process for one developer sounds pretty straight forward and the developer can freely make changes to the site as he/she sees fit, of course the website will only be as good as one developer’s skill level. But what if there are multiple developers working on the same website to speed up and improve the quality of the development process? If everyone works on the same development site, it is very easy to overwrite one another’s code and disrupt each other’s work. This process can be a nightmare if there is no system to prioritize and orchestrate the work flow.

Developers that have run into this issue in the past have come up with a solution called Git. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. It allows multiple web developers to work on their own local copy of the site and automatically or manually merge all the codes together to make sure every copy of the site is up to date. It then uploads the combined codes onto a shared Git repository online.


The Ready Artwork’s development site is always the latest version pulled from the shared Git repository. By the time the development website is ready to be presented to our client, the codes from each developer are already merged together without any functional errors. Because Ready Artwork has three in-house developers, Git helps to cut down the time of development by up to 33%!

Ready Artwork wants to deliver websites to our clients in a timely manner while maintaining the quality of work. We believe that by using Git during our developing process, Ready Artwork can consistently produce high-quality and deliver websites in a timely manner.