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With every New Year, come new changes. Especially in this time and age, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up with the trends as changes progress in our economy, technology and customer buying behavior. Whether or not you chose to follow them can determine the future success of your company. In today’s blog I will be discussing this year’s top business trends and why your company needs to incorporate these into it’s 2014 Marketing Plan.

1) Diversifying Your Social Media Network  

Last year we saw a rapid growth in social media platforms and applications. Having a Facebook page for your business has become a basic standard for all. A recent article from shows that although Facebook is still the reigning platform of choice, 42% of all online users are now using multiple social media sites. (Data taken from the PEW Research Center’s Internet Project)

What this means:

Nowadays, having just a Facebook page for your company is not enough. Do some research of your own or hire an agency that can assess your business and figure out exactly which platforms would work best for your company. By having only one platform, your business is missing out on all of the opportunities within each social media community. Diversify your network and tap into a whole new range of potential clients.

2) It’s Time To Go Mobile

Gartner Technology Research announced that it expects the industry to ship 2.5 billion computers and mobile devices in 2015. Among the total number of computerized products, there is a decline in PC units, but not surprisingly an increase in the number of mobile phones and tablets. Less people are using PCs and more people are switching over to mobile and tablet devices.

What this means:
Responsive websites are the future. If your company’s website hasn’t done so already, now is the time to make the investment. Responsive websites provide a better user experience for online visitors and can help you optimize your email marketing campaigns as well. If your emails contains links to your website and the site does not correctly show up on the device being used, it can often lead to high bounce rates (people leaving your website). However if you have a responsive website that responds correctly to different devices, people will be more likely to stay on the site.

3) Making Search Engine Optimization A Priority

As mentioned in our previous marketing blog, U.S. Citizens have voted the Internet to be their number one shopping destination over brick and mortar stores for the first time in 15 years. The online shopping trend has already been observed in the U.S. but is continuing to spread across the world.

(Data taken from the Deliotte Annual Holiday Survey)

What this means:

Now, more than ever, it’s especially important to start prioritizing Search Engine Optimization for your company website. If your website is not coming up in search results for your industry keywords, your sales can be greatly affected. Start getting your website search engine optimized.

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