Have you heard of the popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Pinterest?  You better start getting familiar with them because it is true when small businesses say that Social Media is slowly taking over the world.  Fifty percent of individuals in North America are actively using Facebook as their social media platform to market and connect with friends and fans!

Facebook Infographic

Since social media is continuously trending, we want to give you 3 tips on how to gain more followers and avoid committing social media suicide.  Don’t worry, this blog is not morbid in any sense, on the contrary, it is an optimistic outlook on how you can enhance your business and reach one of the 174,586,680 users on Facebook and many of the other social media platforms!

Tip #1: Know your product/service and send a relatable message that will reel in your target demographic.   What does this mean?  Set a goal for your company.  Are you looking to increase ROI (Return on Investment), conversions, foot traffic, or brand identity?  Through setting a proper goal you will be able to build up this foundation.  If you are looking to promote your brand, then visuals are crucial.  If your product is not tangible, then provide your customers with a visual that allows them to see the product that they are interested in purchasing.  This is the bait.  You can’t lure anything in if you don’t have the proper incentive.    Know your businesses goals before you start to build your success.

Facebook Marketing Steps

Tip #2: Build a lasting first impression.  Owners of websites listed engagement time of users on their website, and more than 50% of visitors stay from 0s – 30s.  Therefore, unless someone see’s what they want and need in 0-30 seconds they will be clicking away from your website.  To help avoid high bounce rates and users leaving without even “bookmarking,” revamp your landing page and direct the user to what they need immediately.  An effective tip to improve your website landing page is to incorporate an image slider, or include content that showcases your services.  If a user were shopping for a pink lipstick and was directed to pink nail polish, they would leave that landing page as fast as they got there.

Bounce Rate Statistics

In addition, to making edits to your website, you will need to showcase your specialty on social media platforms.  Let people know about who you are, what you do, and how you are better than your competitors.  Build a lasting relationship and level of trust with your viewers and potential clients by being personal and attentive to each of your client’s needs they will feel appreciated and valued.

Tip#3: Be clear and transparent with your client.  Know what you want and communicate it clearly to your target demographic.  If you promise your fans that if they “click” your link they will receive a Free Quote, and then they get charged for their “free” consultation, they will not be walking out the door happy or wanting to return.  Social Media is a platform that allows you to build a transparent and honest relationship with your fans.  With social media, you are able to inform your fans about your company, new product releases, and current specials you might be running.  Facebook features Ads where you can “reach the exact audience you want with relevant targeted ads.”  These ads are used to promote your businesses contests, services, and/or products.  Utilize this feature to expand your reach about your services and products to eager prospects!

Facebook Ads

These few tips will help you to effectively use social media to build long-term relationships with your customers. Be sure to plan ahead on your posts and remember to always be transparent with your audience.

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