Just because it’s not the new year, that doesn’t mean you can’t have resolutions and goals! Any time is the perfect time to set goals for yourself. But more specifically, you need to set SMART goals. SMART goal is an acronym for “specific”, “measurable”, “achievable”, “relevant”, and “time-based goals. This method is especially effective for small businesses that are trying to achieve an objective. Throughout this blog, Ready Artwork will be used as examples to apply to each criteria for a better understanding.


Specific Goals:

These are pertaining to goals that are narrowed down to a centralized target. Goals that are too broad may be hard to obtain. These are also answering the questions to – Who, what, when, where, and why. At Ready Artwork, one of our specific goals for the team is to have daily meetings so that we are all well aware of each departments’ duties and projects. Setting deadlines and having internal meetings help a great deal as well!

Measurable Goals:

Goals must have measurable outcomes as numbers are an integral part of business. One way of doing this is to have concrete numbers to help track your company’s progress. For example, at Ready Artwork, we have a chart that measures our sales quota every month. By doing so, we have a mental picture of our growth. This benefits the company by seeing our weaknesses and strengths and using those two points to tackle our shortcomings.

Attainable Goals:

Often times, when businesses get too excited about the prospect of success, they might bite off more than they can chew. Just like the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in one day”, and that’s completely true! You can’t expect to have your business booming overnight. This is where achievable goals can help keep your business afloat. You must stay focus and realistic. Just like with Ready Artwork’s marketing accounts, we do not expect to grow our clients’ ranking, fans, or followers within a few weeks. This all takes time to accomplish. There’s a lot of effort and work that goes into creating a successful account with relevant users.

Relevant Goals:

Relevant goals should be determined through your company’s values. If you’re not interested in the industry that your business is developing in, it might be more difficult for you to succeed. Having passion for your company, as well as the industry it’s in, is highly important. Without devotion and dedication, it is not worthwhile. Here at Ready Artwork, we are all passionate about our work and want what’s best for our clients, as well as our company. We want to see our clients’ accounts grow, succeed, and thrive.

Time-based Goals:

In order to keep your business alive, you must set deadlines and timelines. Without setting hard dates to get projects finished, it will be hard to maintain a successful reputation. Within our department, we have a project manager that takes charge of the entire website development process. Our project manager will send out specific timelines with exact dates so our clients will know when to expect designs, training, and most importantly, their website launch date.

Goals for future success

In essence, SMART goals are a way to help you ultimately achieve prosperity and success. Starting up your own company is difficult and tedious. It requires many steps and often times, you will hit a bump in the road. Although it is challenging, we encourage you to utilize this tool as a way of guiding you to future success. You can have this written down on a whiteboard for your employees to review as well, or even just on a notepad for your own personal use. Either way, having it displayed will give you a bigger picture on how to achieve your small business triumphs!