“Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth.” ― Michael Bierut


Graphic Design Intern


California State University, Long Beach; BFA in Graphic Design

Languages Spoken:

English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese


Jason was born in Beijing and moved to California when he was 13. He was exploring different possibilities with his life as an immigrant. After he did some freelance poster jobs on Microsoft Word, he became interested in graphic design as a career.

My vision of the www & design:

Good designs change the world, and the www is the most efficient media to make changes to the world.


Good designs, good music, lettering, self-development


Bad designs, noisy people, letting people down

Favorite Website:

Thefutur, Youtube, Instagram, Logobook, Lynda, Behance, Pinterest

Favorite Music:

R&B, Soul, Pop, Blues, Jazz, EDM

Favorite Movies:

Inception & I am Legend

Favorite Books:

The Compound Effect, and There Were None

Favorite Ready Artwork Project:

88 Keys

Other Cool People