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Senior UI/UX Designer

With over 17 years of expertise in design and development within the digital, entertainment, and sports sectors, Mark excels at creating flawless digital experiences across diverse platforms. His adaptability in front-end development, UX research, and adept problem-solving abilities position him as a highly sought-after collaborator in the field.



Mark is a seasoned design and development expert with over 17 years of experience under his belt. He specializes in creating magic across social media, agency projects, health tech, entertainment, and sports. As a master of Product, UX, and visual design, he’s all about crafting seamless digital experiences on every platform, be it TV, web, or mobile.


Mark’s extensive background in front-end development, UX research, wireframing, prototyping, sales mocks, and high-fidelity user interfaces showcases his exceptional skill set. He’s not just any problem solver; he’s an expert at it. Mark’s exceptional communication abilities make him a delight to collaborate with, whether it’s fellow design professionals, product managers, engineers, or clients. He’s the confident go-getter who thrives in any work environment and eagerly tackles every challenge that comes his way.

Favorite Projects

Mark’s accomplishments extend beyond his profession, as he proudly holds a sports Emmy for his contributions to NFL 100. Not to mention, he was nominated for the coveted title of ‘Best New Platform’ by the 2023 SportsPro OTT Awards. In a more lighthearted arena, he clinched the title of “Best Dad Hula Hooper” at the Sierra Madre Elementary School Dance, showcasing his fun-loving spirit.


Mark’s heart belongs to his family and friends, and he finds joy in lifting weights, grooving to music, indulging in movies, embarking on thrilling travel adventures, savoring delicious food, belting out karaoke tunes, whipping up craft cocktails, and exploring the world of interior design.

Fun Facts

In his 40s, Mark has achieved some remarkable athletic feats, including completing a sub-4-hour marathon, running a 5:35 mile, squatting an impressive 391 pounds, bench pressing 315 pounds, and deadlifting a jaw-dropping 407 pounds. These accomplishments demonstrate his dedication and discipline in maintaining a fit and active lifestyle.