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Senior Data Analyst

Meet Matthew, an exceptionally accomplished professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from USC. As a Google Analytics and Google Ads Certified expert, he leads the digital marketing division at Ready Artwork, where he oversees a dynamic team, dedicated to executing data-driven, omnichannel strategies. Matt is a fervent advocate for innovation and development, with a keen eye on delivering greater value to clients through groundbreaking marketing techniques.



Matt’s role as the lead of digital marketing at Ready Artwork is marked by his guidance and leadership, driving the marketing team to excel in creating data-driven, omnichannel strategies. His expertise spans across analytics, creative writing, and crafting multi-channel user journeys, making him an invaluable asset in the realm of digital marketing.


A true champion of his clients and their brand empowerment, Matt is known for his unwavering dedication to client growth and success. He has earned recognition, including the prestigious Dale Carnegie leadership award, a testament to his commitment to servant leadership. Matt has also demonstrated his skills in creating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) systems from scratch, establishing Project Management (PM) structures for cross-functional teams, and creating knowledge centers for both internal and external training.

Favorite Projects

Beyond his professional achievements, Matt’s talent extends into the realm of crime fiction, where his work has been honored with the Spinetingler Award, a prestigious accolade in the crime genre. With numerous short stories published in esteemed editorial journals, he’s now embarked on game design for tabletop RPGs, further showcasing his creative prowess.


When he’s not shaping marketing strategies or delving into the world of literature and gaming, Matt’s passion for exploration shines through. He finds joy in reading, watching documentaries, hiking, and traveling, ensuring his leisure time is just as enriching as his professional pursuits.

Fun Facts

Matt’s personal motto, “Your goals are my mission,” reflects his dedication to the clients he serves. He’s designed games and gaming user journeys for indie creators worldwide and within the Metaverse, adding a touch of adventure to his diverse skill set.