“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


Sr. Designer


Art Institute of California Inland Empire of San Bernardino; B.S in Web Design & Interactive Media

Languages Spoken

English & Spanish


Rio was born in Long Beach, CA & moved around a lot when he was younger. But for the most part, he did most of his growing up in the Inland Empire. Since Middle School, he was always intrigued by computers and technology and it wasn’t until the Myspace era when he became intrigued with design & code. During his sophomore year in High School he took a Graphic Design class & since that moment on he knew what he wanted to pursue in life. And the rest is history.

My vision of the www & design

The web is growing & changing every day. It is our future so why not make it look pretty with a little bit of design?


Soccer, Coffee, Design, Cars, Animals, Rain


Lint, People who don’t use their turning signals, traffic, weather above 90°

Favorite Website

soccer.com, mediotiempo.com, awwwards.com, pinterest.com, americanmuscle.com

Favorite Music

Indie Rock & Alternative, Latin Music

Favorite Movies

Horror Films ( Stephen Kings IT, Evil Dead 2, Saw Series, Halloween, Friday the 13th Series, Jaws, Leprechaun Series)

Favorite Books

Does reading articles on the daily about soccer count?

Favorite Ready Artwork Project

Carousel USA Brochure Trifold

Other Cool People