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QE/Tool Developer

Tools have been with us as long as humans have. With them, we learned how to cultivate land, hunt, and flourish, eventually becoming what we are now. With today’s digital age, we’ve got tools that look a little different than their predecessors. They function in the digital realm, helping automate processes and transform digital journeys into seamless experiences. That realm is where you’ll find Svetlana – and though you might not speak with her directly, just know she’s the reason your Ready Ads’ designed website or app flawlessly goes from point a to point b without stopping by c along the way. 



Svetlana holds a BA in English and multiple certifications in QA automation, Java, and web development. 


A skilled developer, Svetlana specializes in web application testing. 

Favorite Projects

She’s got a few favorites up her sleeve, but Svetlana’s favorite project so far has probably been testing, developing, and maintaining end-to-end and smoke automation tests for major Adobe digital events like Max and Summit.  


Always up for an adventure, outside of work, Svetlana enjoys traveling, road trips, and seeing new places. 

Fun Facts

Svetlana’s first car was a manual transmission without power steering, basically turning her into a reluctant participant in the world’s worst fitness plan. She’s not been a huge gym enthusiast ever since.