The Best Graphic Boost for your Social Media Campaigns


Great marketing campaign ideas can only succeed when executed properly. No matter how wonderful a marketing post may be, it will not gain interactions if no one takes the time to read it. Including eye-catching and relevant graphics is one of the best and more effective ways to grab viewers’ attention. Factors such as color, photography, image quality, and fonts, all need to be considered when deciding what type of graphic to include in your campaign. All of these elements work together to express a certain type of feeling so picking the right combination is very important.

Whether the social media post is on a mobile device or being viewed on a desktop computer, they are often scrolled through quickly by users. One of the quickest way to stop a scrolling viewer is by catching their attention with bright colors. The graphic below is a post from the AU79 Teahouse Facebook page. Considering the overall blue color of Facebook, this graphic stands out, not only because of the bright yellow-orange colors, but also because it has a lot of contrast with its surrounding environment. Color choice within the graphic is important but it is also important to consider the color of the surrounding environment as well. For example, if you place a dark graphic in a dark colored platform, your graphic will most likely just fade into the background instead of standing out.

AU79 Teahouse branding is overall more playful in order to target a younger audience. For a company like MPO Eyecare, their branding is more mature, yet still trendy. Below is a graphic post from their Facebook page that is simple but designed to go accordingly with their brand. The font choice is more serious as opposed to AU79’s hand written font style. But to maintain the trendy vibe, MPO Eyecare selected a sans-serif font in the colors of their branding.

If the AU79 Teahouse’s post chose a serif font, it would look too serious and out of place for a business as youthful as they are. Similarly, if MPO Eyecare’s post contained a lot of collaged images or block font, it would take away from the seriousness of their branding. Colors, images, and fonts all work together to deliver a certain message to viewers. Graphics for social media campaigns do not have to be complex in order to be effective. As long as it contains the necessary elements, paired with the right design elements, then it can give your post a major boost in interactions.