bigcommerce vs magento

With such a large variety of E-commerce website services available, it’s hard to choose the correct one. While it may be hard to make a choice, narrowing down what features you’re looking for and what resources you have available can make the decision an easy one. In this article we tackle two very popular E-commerce platforms, Magento vs BigCommerce.


Magento is one of the most popular E-commerce web platform in the world, that is open source with 238,000 websites currently active utilizing Magento according to Magento offers a free community version of its platform that is open source, which is an amazing tool for developers or tech savvy merchants. Being open sourced and having a free version for developers and everyone interested has built a large community that works on and develops features for the Magento Community Edition.

The enterprise edition is a paid version that offers a variety of features like customer support, enhanced performance and security,and much more, with additional payments making available many more customizable features which could be added. Magento requires a significant technological prowess involved with the installation, usage and troubleshooting, making this an optimum choice for large businesses. The pricing for Magento enterprise ranges from the tens of thousands to hundreds, largely depending on the features required for the website.


BigCommerce is a private E-commerce platform that have options to modifying and customizing your website with no coding skills required. Its primary target audience is for people with little web development skills, although it still has features for developers to edit and tweak certain features to give your website a customized aesthetic. It also has a team in charge of moving E-commerce stores from other platforms into BigCommerce.
BigCommerce offers many guides to help its customers, and is known for its optimal customer support. The pricing range for BigCommerce ranges from as little as $30/month, up to 1 million depending on the features picked.


What platform you want largely depends on what you need and what goals you have for your company. Magento has a high technological prowess requirement, with the minimum pricing for the enterprise edition starting in the tens of thousands per year. This comes with heaps of advantages using one of the most widely used platforms, with extensive features, optimizations and customizations, making this a good choice for larger businesses.

Between the two platforms, Magento is our winner especially since we have a team that specializes in developing Magento websites.

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