Here at Ready Artwork, we like to stay fit and competitive by having some friendly rivalry amongst ourselves. We want to share with you our most recent company outing during the month of November. We went to a bowling alley after work and had a little competition with one another. Some of us were pro-bowlers, while others were able to sharpen their bowling skills. We split into two lanes and rotated between lanes during the game.

Friendly competition is a great way to bond. Our company outings allow colleagues to chat outside of the work environment. While waiting for our turns, we munched on snacks and caught up with each other’s life. It was something that distracted our minds from work!

After two rounds of fierce bowling, we got a little hungry and wanted to feast! Since Ready Artwork is like a family, we had our meal family style! All the food sure put us in a food coma by the end of the evening.

Here at Ready Artwork, we not only specialize in website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and graphic design. But we also specialize in having FUN!