business benefit facebook bluetooth beacon service

Facebook is now offering Bluetooth Beacons, discreet devices that help businesses provide customers with information about their services via the social media platform. The technology gives store owners an extra bit of connection with their visitors, allowing them to send welcome messages, check-in links, and pop-up recommendations about their establishment. The site does all the work, and the best part is–it’s totally free!


What exactly is Bluetooth beacon?

Back in January, Facebook launched Place Tips, giving a limited number of New York City businesses a trial run of the technology. Place tips is an optional feature, and when users enable the application, tips appear at the top of their newsfeeds every time they enter a business and log onto Facebook. No two visitors will experience the same set of tips, as the technology takes into account a number of factors such as a person’s friends, their physical location, the posts the business may have recently published, and more. The Bluetooth beacon is a physical device, similar to a small WiFi router, which the business owner keeps at the store.

How does it work?

The beacon sends a signal to guests’ Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, delivering your company’s information in a safe, private way. Facebook promises that customers’ personal data is not mined during the transfer, and for the store owner, any existing WiFi signals are not tampered with. As long as users have a compatible smartphone with enabled Locations Services and Bluetooth, they’ll see pictures, messages, links, and other information pushed to the forefront of their Facebook newsfeed. The fun design of the beacon itself looks like a mini sculpture, and it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

How can my business benefit from the Bluetooth beacon?

Entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses will surely benefit from Facebook’s free new technology. With customers’ constant distraction with social media and the widespread use of smartphones, you’ll be able to make a special, long-lasting connection with them as long as you get them in–or around–your store. Now, six months into Place Tip’s trial run, users report a very promising increase in traffic to their Facebook pages as a result of the beacon. Most importantly, they appreciate the newfound platform they have for communicating with customers. More than providing valuable product information, the Bluetooth beacon helps businesses establish relationships with their buyers, opening a direct line of communication via messaging.

If you’d like to request a Facebook Bluetooth beacon, you can find more information here. As of now, they are offering a limited number via application, giving small and medium-sized businesses with current Facebook pages top priority. 

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