Easylife Furniture Inc. is a furniture retail chain located across Southern California. They provide upscale furnishings at affordable prices for their customers. Easylife Furniture Inc. is recognized as one of the fastest growing furniture retail chains in California. The client asked Ready Artwork to help establish their social media platforms and generate a relevant fan base. To achieve this, we helped Easylife Furniture to create interactive online brand awareness and targeted marketing campaigns. One of the social media platforms we managed for them is Facebook.

Once businesses have an established fan base, Facebook allows them to “promote” their posts. We took advantage of promoted posts and actively assisted Easylife Furniture with their marketing campaign efforts. At the end of November, Easylife Furniture had a little over 1,350 fans on Facebook. We observed how successful our previous giveaway campaigns were and worked with the client to create back to back promoted giveaway posts. For the month of December, Easylife Furniture gave away a Hello Kitty Bedroom set on Christmas and a $500 Easylife Furniture Gift Certificate on New Year’s Eve.

After we promoted the Hello Kitty Bedroom Set, we were able to bring their fan base number up to 1,642, an increase of almost 300 relevant fans!

The Hello Kitty Bedroom Set Giveaway post reached over 16,500 people and received 608 “likes”, 346 shares and 54 comments. By utilizing promoted posts, we were able to effectively increase Easylife Furniture’s viral reach and the amount of engaged users.

We encouraged fans to actively participate in the giveaways through Facebook statuses and comments. Because of that, the virality increased to over 37% when we posted the $500 Easylife Furniture Gift Certificate Giveaway.

Here at Ready Artwork, we were able to assist Easylife Furniture to properly engage targeted fans and manage their marketing campaigns. Because of our collaboration with the client, we were able to increase their fan base and build more online brand awareness.