Business Success Story: San Gabriel Mission Business Success Story: San Gabriel MissionSan Gabriel Mission is a fully functioning Roman Catholic mission and a historic landmark that resides in San Gabriel, CA. Ready Artwork first took on the San Gabriel Mission’s Facebook account back in September of 2012. Because it was such a fairly new account, we struggled to bring in new fans and followers. One of the challenges we faced when building a community was the vast amount of Facebook pages, people, and places created for San Gabriel Mission by community members. We took on that challenge and tackled it with grace. For the month of November, we claimed all the possible Facebook pages, people, and places created for San Gabriel Mission by patrons. Because of that, Ready Artwork was able to help San Gabriel Mission increase their fan base by at least 85%. We are proud of our success and accomplishment! On behalf of San Gabriel Mission, we have been posting relevant Facebook posts about any Catholic holidays/events and current happenings at the San Gabriel Mission, San Gabriel Elementary School, San Gabriel High School, and the San Gabriel Community. We were able to increase in engaged users and reach by over 83%. There was a dramatic increase in the amount of people talking about the San Gabriel Mission by over 137%. We look forward to promoting more events held at the San Gabriel Mission and getting the community actively involved! San Gabriel Mission social media growth Previously, many visitors were confused during check-ins because there were multiple locations to do so. Now, we were able to ensure steady check-ins at the San Gabriel Mission. By collecting everything into one account, Ready Artwork was able to ensure consistent information and message is given out to San Gabriel Mission’s fans. Many businesses have problems with multiple locations that their patrons have created for them. These locations confuse others during check-ins, follow, and even obtaining information. Here at Ready Artwork, we were able to assist San Gabriel Mission to claim all the existing Facebook locations and pages for them. Because of that, we were able to gather all accounts’ fan bases and increased their check-ins, reach, virality, and many more. Visitors no longer have to ponder on which site/location to check-in at.

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