Chinese New Year is a time filled with family gathering, red envelopes, and good fortune. In celebration of Year of the Snake, Ready Artwork chowed down on a delicious 10-course meal. We got to enjoy each other’s company while devouring delicious dishes – family style!

At Ready Artwork, we treat each other like family. We were able to joke around lightheartedly and have serious conversations at the same time. We feel quite fortunate to be able to work along side with such amazing coworkers. All of us were busy uploading photos of our food on Instagram. We also uploaded these photos onto our Ready Artwork Facebook page. Because of that, we received plenty of engagement, such as comments and likes, from our Facebook fans.

After a night of feasting, we manage to still have room for desserts. We decided to try out this little dessert place close by called Ganache. It was definitely a treat! We ordered six desserts to share and enjoyed every single plate. They were like little plates of heaven.

What a great way to kick start the New Year. Ready Artwork wants to take this moment to appreciate not only our coworkers, but also our clients and fans at the same time. We hope that the Year of the Snake will bring you good fortune.