client questionnaire website success

A company website is one of the most important components to running a successful business or organization. Knowing the importance of a website alone will not help you achieve your goals, but rather understanding what’s best for your website and design is the real key to a website’s success. During the design phase of a website, some people do not know where to start, while some have too many ideas. A client questionnaire plays a very significant role during the design phase of the website project, especially for custom websites. To you, a client study might be an extra step to get the project going, but it means a lot more to a website designer. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Determining What You Hope To Achieve Through Your Website

The mission of your business is greatly affected by the color choice, and font selection. Each color combination will create different atmospheres. The font or fonts on your website will also reveal the characteristics of your brand. (Note: online users are more likely to interact when they feel comfortable, reliability and character from the webpage). 

2. Understanding the Style and Message You Wish to Convey to Your Audience

Design is a visual interpretation of your brand and the layout is the way you choose to present your content to visitors. Be clear on what you want to show your audience, think of it as your website’s outfit, will you want to present your business in a glamorous way or energetic and fun way? Whether your website is going to be an image-based or text-heavy layout will all be determined by the style you chose.

client questionnaire website success

3. Determining the Key Functionalities of Your Website

Good website design is not all about how it looks, but how it performs as well. From lead generating to catalog websites, designers need to know what your expectations are. They cannot make suggestions in terms of which function is best for your business unless you tell them the goal you wish to achieve.

client questionnaire website success

Next time when you see a client questionnaire, please remember the true purpose of it. It is not to waste your time or increase your workload but to save both you and your designer’s time and maximize your website design success. With those questions answered, designers can already determine 3 main elements of website design: atmosphere, layout and function. There are numerous design elements that need to be taken into consideration, but you can leave the rest to the professionals.

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