Hey there recent graduates, students on break, and/or prospective developers in the 626 – San Gabriel Valley! How’s it going?

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you’re looking to showcase or improve your development skills. What do you do? Well come on over and checkout our studio! We’re always looking for motivated interns or developers that love to problem solve.

We are a San Gabriel Valley Design, Development, & Marketing company. Checkout our about us page for more information. But here is the quick info on us: we design, market, and build websites here in San Gabriel, California. Located next to not one, but TWO sandwich shops and a Tea Bar! We have a small team and work mainly with local small businesses to help them grow their presence on the web. If that already sounds like fun to you, go ahead and skip to the end, and click on the application link! I’ll wait.

If you’re still here, let’s continue.

We have an open office setup here. No cubicles or walled off islands, just tables and chairs next to real people. You will not be alone, trapped with no communication or sunlight. You will be talked to and you will be heard. People will pass snacks to you, and you will eat it. But not just in any hot air studio, you will eat it in our Fully Air Conditioned Studio!

Standard issued equipment is: Mac OS X computer, Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Google Powered Emails, your own table, and choice of chairs. If that doesn’t work out for you, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, but you maintain it. I brought my dasKeyboard, because real programmers use clicky keyboards. You will have access to our Debian Powered Linux Server for hosting your code and staging your local changes.

Stuff you will be knowledgable in:  PHP, WordPress, Magento, javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, Apache 2, mySQL, git, communication and writing. Insert more as you find necessary. We are small and open to rapid change. New development items will always be incorporated into our toolbox.

Being small, we have lots of events and get togethers without all the hassle of scheduling conflicts and missed connections. Here’s a few pictures of latest journeys together:

Enough thinking, and start applying!

Developer Application Link Click Here.