Creating Successful Money-Making Landing Pages


Let’s begin by correctly understanding the term “landing page”. A landing page is a single web page that visitors first see after clicking an advertisement or call to action button. Successful landing pages help visitors to easily obtain information and/or purchase a product or service. Promotions such as giveaways, contests and sales are most effective with a page of its own to highlight the campaign and directly deliver the message without distractions. If the first impression of a website does not convey the desire to stay on the page, then the potential sale will be lost. Keep these key points in mind:

Clear and Concise Headlines

Creating successful money making landing pages means having Clear and Concise Headlines. Headlines should be prominent and stand out, easy to read, and straight to the point. This informs your visitors what page they are on and if they have found what they’re looking for. A secondary headline or supporting image helps to reinforce the information presented. The image below is the landing page for a campaign by Easylife Furniture to give away a hello kitty bed set. This is the first page visitors see after clicking the banner for this advertisement. Right away you can see that the headline of Easy Giveaway supported by an image of the price. The call-to-action below is bright and bold below the form fields which makes it clear that these are necessary items to fill out to enter the giveaway.

easylifefurniture hello kitty bed room set give way

Buttons and Call-To-Action Links

The main purpose of call-to-action buttons is to get visitors to perform an action. Whether that be to add an item to their cart, get them to read more, or maintain their interest by referring them to similar pages. In the Easylife Furniture campaign, the use of bright colors with high contrast from the background will help these buttons and links stand out from the rest of the page and increase their chances of getting clicked.

In the product landing page shown above, you can see that it has a wide range of call to action buttons. The add to cart button is the most prominent as it uses a slight gradient and bright color to draw attention. On the right side column, the email address is also highlighted and underlined to make it stand out from its surrounding text. In addition, the longer a user stays on your page and clicks around, the better your search engine optimization results will be.

Keep it above the fold

Content above the fold is what visitors first see on a web page prior to any scrolling. This initial view needs to be enticing and must make an impact so that the individuals have a reason to stay on page.

Zyllion’s landing page shown above is for their clearance sale of buy one, get one free. Before listing the items eligible for the sale, the headline “clearance sale” is shown in large red letters to inform customers that they have arrived at the sales page. The supporting information explaining what the sale is, how it is to be redeemed, and a small preview of the items, are all positioned above the fold. Having important information above the fold helps to clarify the purpose of this page without forcing people to scroll around to figure out where they are.

These landing pages successfully deliver their message while encouraging customers to participate in their promotion. The use of clear headlines, eye catching buttons and direct information all contribute to the effectiveness of these landing pages. The clarity of these pages not only prevents user frustration but it also helps to drive sales to a better campaign outcome.

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