Hey guys!  It’s hump day and that means it’s time for Ready Artwork’s Word of the Week!  This week’s word is Domain Name.

Domain Name URL

Domain name is a text URL address corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the Internet.

A domain name works in much the same way as how we record phone numbers on our cellphones under a specific person’s name. We no longer have to remember a phone number to get in touch with a friend, we just have to look for their name in our contacts list and press send.

If we think of the domain name as a contact name, and the IP address as a phone number, domain names make it easier to find a website without having to remember the numeric IP address.

A domain name helps differentiate your website from approximately 140,000,000 domains, so it’s especially important to have a domain that indicates, in some way, the type of content on your website.

Let’s take Yahoo! as an example.

Domain Name Yahoo

Their domain name is: www.yahoo.com

The first part, “www” stands for the World Wide Web. Yahoo is obviously the name of the company, individual or organization and the “.com” is the domain name extension that identifies the purpose of the website.

For example, “.net” websites were originally intended for organizations involved with network technologies, but gradually became a general domain extension on par with “.com.”

A “.edu” domain indicates that the website is for an accredited post-secondary educational U.S institutions, such as www.Berkeley.edu or www.ArtCenter.edu

A “.org” domains are typically reserved for non-commercial organizations or non profit organizations, such as www.Peta.org, or www.Wikipedia.org

So, are you wondering where you can register a domain name for your own business? Visit one of the following domain providers:

–  www.godaddy.com
–  www.networksolutions.com
–  www.1and1.com

Remember that registering a domain name can be competitive, with about 170,000 domains being created every day!  So, don’t wait to register your business name!

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