proven ways to get instagram followers

In today’s digital era, many businesses have gone to social media as a method of expanding their customer base. Although there are many forms of social media to choose from, today we will be covering the topic of Instagram. Primarily a picture-based sharing platform, Instagram also has the capability to share videos as well. One important aspect of Instagram is having enough followers to have an influential impact. This can be achieved by maintaining a proper follower count and receiving likes on those photos or videos. Here are some proven ways to get more Instagram followers:

1) Relatable posts

By posting photos and videos that connect with your audience, you create an environment that they can easily relate to. Not only is the content supposed to be authentic and original, the images should contain somewhat universal truths or even strong opinions and assertions as long as they are within your brand’s message. By doing so, it establishes a personal connection with as many followers as possible.

2) Hashtags

Instagram has a unique feature to group pictures that are tagged with hashtags into a particular category. Users are able to search for photos by using hashtags and will find all of the photos with that particular hashtag in their search. By using relevant hashtags, you give your Instagram account a higher chance of becoming discovered.

3) Follow others

If you want people to follow your Instagram account, you are going to have to follow them as well. This is perhaps one of the simplest rules of reciprocation among social media platforms. This is an opportunity to invite users to become a part of your community. By reciprocating the action of following, your followers will feel more welcomed into the community.

4) Contests

An effective way to increase follower count is by hosting contests. By posting a photo and putting the directions of the contest in the caption of the photo, you can drive users to comply with whatever direction is given. By having people post on their own about your promotion, this can expand the social circle of each Instagram follower, driving an increase in your company’s brand awareness and Instagram follower count.

5) Ask Questions

Perhaps the best method to increase the number of followers and likes on Instagram is to post questions that drive user communication and interaction. By staying engaged with your audience it will promote reciprocation and activity.

As you start to develop your Instagram account, remember to implement the 5 steps listed above. Substantial improvement takes time so it’s important to remain diligent. Recently, we have been more focused on building accounts, adding followers and interacting with them. On one of our client’s accounts, we had an increase of followers from 467 to 517 in a span of only 6 days! Without interactions, our increase was only 15% for an entire month. In addition, using relevant hashtags and posting engaging posts are powerful. For example, with 2nd Love Cosmetics, we were able to increase our fans from 1804 to 1857 in the same 6 day span by initiating conversations with our audience by asking beauty related questions to encourage fan participation and engagement. Also, by using hashtags, such as #makeup, #beauty and #fashion, to allow fans to discover the brand’s content easily and effectively.

At Ready Artwork, we have the proper expertise when it comes to Instagram. We not only help our clients build up their accounts to get more Instagram followers, but also help to develop a customized strategy to benefit each client individually. By posting consistently and creatively, we are able to keep to the community hyped up to see our posts in their feeds. We believe promoting brands on Instagram is powerful but it is under-utilized by many businesses. If you have any questions regarding your Instagram account, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 626.400.4511!