8 E-Commerce Website Features That Are Absolutely Essential


e-commerce website features

Are you interested in starting an e-commerce website, but you’re not exactly sure what you should include on it? Here is a quick and easy list of 8 e-commerce website features that you should include. We will be featuring an e-commerce website built by Ready Artwork: LBC Lighting.

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1. A Clear Logo

A clear and memorable logo is important as this will be the way that consumers will most quickly recognize your brand. LBC Lighting’s logo has its first three letters with a different background color that also spells out their company name. This helps them accomplish two things: the customer will understand who they are as well as what they do. The background color represents lights which go with the fact that the company deals with lighting.

2. Deals

One thing that can keep a customer from leaving your page or even becoming frequent visitors are ongoing deals and promotions. People usually decide very quickly if they will remain on your website or not, so it is up to you to grab their attention. Customers are generally attracted to things such as free shipping, promotions, or sale items (although depending on where they are at in the buying cycle matters as well). LBC has a free shipping offer when you spend $50 or more as well as a promotions page to showcase their ongoing deals.

3. Popular Products

New customers are generally looking for a reliable product. This is where the popular products come in. There is a reason why a product is popular, because it has worked for all or most of the other customers. Making it easy for potential customers to find the popular products is essential. LBC has boxes dedicated to finding a featured product or top picks.

brands e-commerce website features

4. Brands

Sometimes you can’t predict what each customer will be looking for. Having name brand products can draw the attention of your visitors as they may likely gravitate towards trusted name brands. LBC has a long list of name brand lighting solutions.

5. Shopping Cart, My Account, and Search

These features are essential for all e-commerce websites and for good reason. These features help the customer find what they are looking for and keep track of them. They also provide registered users special offers, promotions, or discounts.

e-commerce website features

6. Payment Systems & Security

E-commerce websites usually handle business all over the world, so you want to let your customers know that you do accept their preferred payment method and that you will also keep their information safe. LBC has a wide variety of payment icons as well as security trademarks near the footer to help let the consumer know that they can be trusted and that their information is in good hands.

7. Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of the marketing plan for brands and companies. Having social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. helps provide a public face for your company. They help instill trust to those that are unfamiliar with your company. LBC has accounts for some of the most popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is also an opportunity for you to build a community for people who are passionate about your products and or services.

8. Contact

Since e-commerce websites deal with customers online, there needs to be a way for your customers to be able to contact you with any questions or concerns they may have. Having a live chat and phone number available to contact allows the customer the ability to contact you. LBC currently has a live chat, phone number, and quote button to help answer any concerns that the customers may have.

If you’re thinking about starting an e-commerce website, we can help! Give us a call at 626.400.4511 or contact us today!

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