expert advice on how to handle business relocation

Relocating your small business is a great sign for your business as long as the move is an upgrade. Ready Artwork has spent the past 5 years in the city of San Gabriel and is heading to Monrovia, CA. The move is a sign of the company’s major growth from its humble beginnings as a graphic design only business in 2004.

As exciting as a move to a new, bigger location is, there are a number of things to consider for your business’s relocation. Here are some helpful tips and experiences from 4 business experts:

Before You Consider A Move

Tim Nguyen – CEO of BeSmartee

When you’re in growth mode it’s tempting to make an ambitious move, but you need to make sure your business fundamentals warrant it.

Look at your bottom line profits to start. When revenues are rapidly increasing, profits usually don’t follow. Next, look forward to seasonal trends that may affect your business and cash flow in the short term. Lastly, consider your industry’s 3-5 year forecast. Are you confusing a strong overall market for strength in your industry or business? In good times everyone does well, but it’s the dips that will separate the men from the boys. Prepare yourself and make sure your fundamentals are solid.

Update Your Campaigns

Vinit Patel – Marketing Manager of Schoolinks

The main thing to move was our business address, and in terms of Marketing, that meant going through all of the online listings and getting that changed. Since we are an online tech startup, if we want to direct all the traffic to our website, we need to make sure we have the correct information online.

It also meant changing our campaigns as well. Instead of targeting schools and students in Los Angeles, we needed to understand the local Austin school systems and atmosphere. It is a bit of a learning curve as schools operate differently out here, so you can expect the same with any type of business; especially if the move is happening across states. The state cultures vary and can make a difference to how you market to your audience in that specific state.

Update Your Listings & Reconnect With People

Lisa Orbé-Austin – Small Business Owner of Dynamic Transitions

I feel like I learned a ton from my move. For example, one of the things that I learned (which I am still in the process of) is to change all my citations for my business on the web so that my SEO isn’t hurt by the move because of inconsistent addresses. I have also learned that it’s a great time to reconnect with people by letting them know that you’ve moved. It’s reigniting a lot of networking connections.

Give Yourself More Time Than You Think

Callum Beattie – Partner at Honest Agency

Moving your business to a new location: Here’s the best piece of advice we can give:

Give yourself more time than you think – as in, a lot more. We moved 5 years ago into a new space and it was brutal. We had to gut the existing space, redesign it and rebuild it and it took far more time than we anticipated. We had to sublet our old space which was also a pain and took forever to find a tenant. We ended up moving out of our old space into my business partners condo and then moved out of there after one day into our unfinished new space because the condo was a terrible idea. It took months to finish the new space and we were working in dust and noise for the duration.

There are so many moving parts when you move. You don’t think there are going to be as many hiccups as there are so they end up sneaking up on you and biting you in the ass.

We started looking for a suitable space a year before we moved. We should have made it two years.

Ready Artwork has moved offices several times over the years. There also have been a number of unforeseen obstacles along the way with budget and over-budget concerns addressed every step of the way. We’ve also encountered many of the problems listed by our experts above but successful small businesses adapt and grow through good advice and learning from mistakes. We would love to reconnect, or hear about your experiences. Contact us or give us a call at 626.400.4511!