generate website traffic with 0 marketing budget

As you generate website traffic, more sales opportunities will become available to you. But marketing campaigns and advertisements can cost up to thousands of dollars per month. With employee’s paychecks, rent, and other essential expenses, marketing campaigns probably won’t make it into the budgeting list. If you do not have the budget for intensive marketing campaigns, here are 4 free methods to generate website traffic you do not want to miss: 

1. Generate Website Traffic Through Blogging

generate website Traffic with blogging

Did you know your internal resources can become helpful when it comes to blogging? Company documents, training guides, informative eBooks, and instructional brochures can easily be turned into customer-oriented content. If the topics you addressed are useful to your employees, chances are, that content will also attract an audience that is interested in that subject.

Recommended platform: WordPress

Pros: Rewording the internal resources into a blog post will take a while, but since everyone in the team is familiar with the subject, it should not be a complicated process. You can create a set of blog posts, set a publish time and promote the post once it has been published!

Cons: Having an overly ambitious blogging schedule can lead to burnout. It can be easy to get caught up in blogging for quantity rather than quality.

2. Generate Website Traffic With Social Media

generate website traffic with social media

One of the most powerful marketing channels out there, and you do not need to invest a dime to create one! Spreading a message is fast in today’s digital world; just snap a picture, create a friendly and well-written caption, and your post is instantly available to your online audience.

Recommended platforms: Facebook & Instagram

Pros: Creating a post is fast. A picture of your product or even a quote can easily get your followers engaged with your brand and ideas. It is a good way to interact with the public. Also, posting is not limited to just text, but videos as well, you can show the best side of your brand via photo and video.

Cons: Social media management is requires a great deal of time and effort. Building up followers for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter requires a lot of good content to lead to good user interaction. A successful social media account needs continuous effort and creativity.

3. Generate Website Traffic With Yelp

If you think Yelp is just a place where you find nearby restaurants, then you are wrong! People go on Yelp to search for reviews for almost everything. What’s better than hearing from an actual costumer of that business? Just do your best and let the ratings speak for themselves.

Pros: It is not time consuming at all. Since Yelp is a user input based website, customers and clients can quickly and easily leave reviews about your business or service, adding to your business’s credibility.

Cons: Biased or negative reviews can create an unfavorable view of your company.

4. Generate Website Traffic by Answering Questions

using yelp to generate website traffic

Answering questions is one of the best ways to prove your expertise! Providing quality answers will build up credibility for you and your company, especially for companies in the medical and technical fields. By simply replying to one question asked online, you can present your professional knowledge to not only the author of the question but to those with similar questions.

Recommended Platforms: Yahoo Answers, Quora, Just Answer

Pros: It is not time consuming at all, you can answer questions at your leisure. Also, creating an in-depth discussion can be worthwhile and rewarding.

Cons: It’s difficult to know exactly who viewed your answer and the number of impressions it has received.

For a growing business, time can be scarce. Start with managing your business’ yelp account and answer some questions related to your industry online. If everything runs smoothly and you decide to dedicate more time for website traffic generation, start a blog and talk about topics that are relevant to your business or service. It is important to wisely chose your post topics and allocate time to develop useful content for your target market. Sign up for the recommended free platforms listed above today, and do not forget to promote your posts on social media! 

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