how to get your first simple e-commerce website

A great first step to starting your online business is to own a simple e-commerce website but as a first time business owner, it may seem overwhelming. The good thing is that a website can represent the image of a company and have a design that will attract your target audience. It will essentially help you do some of the difficult tasks. Your e-commerce website can also navigate and guide visitors to make purchases.

With these factors in mind, there are generally two options, a simple and a more advanced option:

1. You can purchase a pre-built theme that includes a design and functions that align with your idea of a simple e-commerce website.
2. You can involve designers and developers to come up with innovative custom designs and functions to fit your needs.

Here are 3 important factors to consider:

1. Budget

How big is your budget? How much are you willing to invest into your e-commerce website? If you have a smaller budget, a pre-built theme can save you some money initially because there is less involvement with the designers and developers. Developers can just install the pre-built theme for you and put your simple e-commerce website up on the internet. A bigger budget will involve professional designers and developers to come up with design elements and functions that not only fit your needs but will exceed your expectations.

As a business owner, you can consider this as an investment for your company’s future.

2. Timeline

A few things to consider: How fast do you need your website to be up? Are you attending any upcoming shows or selling holiday products? Or do you still have time to better plan and make adjustments to your website? A good e-commerce website takes time to develop. Designers and developers need to make sure every design element and function will be bug-free and work well with one another. If you have a tight timeline, purchasing a pre-built theme that fits your need in terms of design and functions will save you some time. If time is not an issue, a custom-built e-commerce website allows you to adjust the designs and functions with designers and developers as the website is in development so the final product fits your needs perfectly.

3. Design

vc giftbaskets Does your company have a strong image that needs to stand out from other competitors or do you carry more general products that you want to sell? If you want to stand out from other competitors and look to market your business to attract a wider audience, you will want to choose a custom-built e-commerce website. With custom-designed websites, you can convey your ideas to designers and developers initially and they can provide solutions based on their expert knowledge & experience. However, if you are just looking for a simple e-commerce website for general sales, you can focus more on the functions of the website and find pre-built themes that match your needs.

Here at Ready Artwork we have semi-custom simple e-commerce websites that you can purchase and make limited edits to the design to better match your business. There are no bloated codes in those themes that will slow down your website. However, if time and budget is allowed, we can also build you a custom-built e-commerce website with unique designs and functions to fit specifically to your needs!