The foundation of Ready Artwork was built on graphic design and years of learning about every industry. We know how to make your business stand out from the rest with good design that will build brand awareness and attract customers.


  • A strong understanding of layouts and colors
  • Knowing how to stand out from the rest
  • The ability to keep a consistent look throughout the design
  • Knowledge behind good design and how to utilize it to help you convert
  • Understanding brand awareness


Our Graphic Design Process:
  1. Research: Whether it’s a logo, poster, or banner, our designers take time to fully understand your audience and industry and cater our designs to them. 
  2. Concepts: After research, our team will provide you with initial concepts and you will let us know what you like and how you would like to proceed.
  3. Refine Concepts: After your selections, our team will begin to fine-tune all of the details, making sure that we provide the quality and the design you are looking for. 
  4. Final Delivery: You will make your final selection and all high-quality files will be delivered.

Our graphic design team is ready to deliver you the designs you’re looking for that deliver results. For our specialized graphic design services, click below:

Our graphic design team is ready to deliver you the designs you’re looking for that deliver results. For our specialized graphic design services, click below:


Ever since moving to Monrovia, Ready Artwork has worked closely with the city on various projects. We’ve created motion graphic videos and websites for several of their campaigns and after much success with those projects, the city approached our team about redesigning the branding of their Old Town community. Old Town Monrovia is the heart of the city, packed with around 400 diverse businesses and historic buildings.   


The City of Monrovia has been around since 1866 and the Old Town itself has been running for 26 years. While the city has much history, the client wanted to revamp the branding to be more modern and garner more awareness outside of the city. There has been growth in the biotech industry and technology so the goal for the logo was to reflect a blend of small town charm with booming technology and progress.


The city board loved what our designers accomplished with this logo and we were given many more projects like the Old Town Monrovia website and video to work on. Continue reading to find out more about our team’s logo process and how we accomplished the city’s goals.


Our designers communicated very closely with the City to understand what they envisioned for the logo. The existing logo was very dated because it had a lamppost, so the client wanted to remove it to make the logo more modern and timeless. In addition, the client didn’t want to include any businesses or landmarks for fear of dating the logo or even misrepresenting the Old Town Community. Our designers looked into the logos of neighboring cities to draw inspiration before starting. Our logo process includes 12 napkin sketches to start identifying what the client likes. From there, our designers go through more research, color study, and typography study before narrowing down a more finalized design to show to client for revisions.


Our designers created a final logo that is clean and more contemporary, yet heartwarming and inviting for people of all ages that visit Old Town. The old logo included a lot of small text and did not pop. In contrast, the new logo is much more dynamic, bold, and more representative of what Old Town Monrovia has become.


The new Old Town logo is simple yet absolutely timeless. It can stand the test of time and be used on the Old Town Monrovia website, promotional material and banners for years to come.

If your business or organization needs a logo that properly represents it, contact our team today!