What do Nordstrom, Netflix, UPS, and Amazon.com have in common? They have all scored top spots in the MSN Money/Zogby International customer service ranking for the last 3 consecutive years. (According to reports from CBS Money Watch)

Great customer care is essential for large and small businesses alike if they hope to survive in the long run. As a small business, Ready Artwork has made excellent customer service one of our top priorities. We are proud to be able to offer the kind of personalized customer service experience that sets us apart from large corporations.

Over the years, Ready Artwork has had the opportunity to work with various businesses and companies. Many of these companies have been with us since the beginning and still remain our loyal customers to this day. Often times, customers return, not only for Ready Artwork’s graphic design work, but also because they appreciated our personable and attentive customer service. We always strive to show our customers that they have made a right choice in choosing our firm. One of our customers once told us, “The last person to buy from you is most likely to be the next person who buys from you.” If you make a particular effort to provide excellent customer service, you will often be rewarded with more business.

If your customer ever has an issue, always listen, identify and understand the problem fully before offering suggestions. It is often best, in the long run, to show helpfulness and kindness to your customers rather than try to argue. Your customers will be especially impressed if you go above and beyond the call of duty to catch and proactively fix potential problems before they occur. Customers need to know that you are not out to steal their money, but actually care about the service you provide. A professional attitude and accommodating service will go a long way in earning your customer’s trust and loyalty.

Statistically, businesses that focus on customer service are able to charge more than their competitors. Other statistics show that consumers that have had a bad shopping experience are likely to inform at least nine other people and address their experience on at least one social media platform. Keep in mind the popular marketing quote: “When she walks out the door, what have I given her to talk about?” Can you really afford to not make customer service the main focus of your business?

Ready Artwork works with clients to improve customer service as a part of our marketing consulting services because a positive customer experience is an important part of business marketing. Call or make an appointment with us to discuss how to leverage online platforms to improve your business customer service! Walk-ins are also welcome!

infographic source: B2B community