Great Customer Service Skills Can Get Repeat Business

Presenting a high quality product at the end of a project is important to getting excellent references and repeat business from clients.  But another factor that is often overlooked is customer service during the entire buying and production process.  Excellent customer service and communication with your clients will help retain them for future business and they will be more flexible with deadlines or unforeseen setbacks during the production cycle.
Like any good business, in order to get repeat customers you have to provide great customer satisfaction.  Here are some tips on how to achieve just that.
Follow Up
Be proactive, check up with the client or provide them with a “status update” on their product.  These little reminders can really put the client’s mind at ease.  Because most customers are not experts, they have chosen to hire your company to create/design the product and they painstakingly did their research and invested their money into your company.  
The least you can do for them is to send an e-mail letting them know that their product is currently “in progress.” The extra 5-10 minutes you spend to shoot out notifications will payout 10-fold in happy customers and reduced the number of complaints.
Provide Quick and Constructive Responses
Sometimes a client will send e-mails or even call with an abundant amount of questions.  Take the initiative by speaking to them with courtesy and provide them with well thought out and constructive responses.  If you don’t know the answer, you can always inform them that you will take the time to look into the matter and send a follow up e-mail to address their concern(s).  Also, making sure the client’s questions are answered is a way to demonstrate your expertise in your field and can really calm nerves.  It also helps when they feel involved with the project.
Be Concise 
Any business that provides a service to their clients must always make sure they explain exactly what the customers are paying for.  You don’t want to be known as the business that sells lemons, and this is precisely why you must review and explain each item that is within the scope of work.  By doing so, the client will recognize how far they can go and their expectations won’t be exaggerated.   Being honest and providing a clear explanation with a smile can take you a long way.
Customer service is the glue between your client and your business; the representative you choose to fill this service can make or break your company.  By establishing an outstanding reputation, chances to get repeat business and references can increase substantially just by following these simple tips.  

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