Halloween Social Media Marketing Tips

Why run a Halloween campaign? Halloween is the 2nd biggest Holiday Celebrated in US. Here are some ideas for you to run during the Halloween Season.

1)    Instagram Video Scare contest: (150 Million Monthly Active Users)
A great contest would be for instagrammers to post a 15 second film of the best scare and hashtag your company. The video with the best scare would be featured on your brands account and win a prize. It will create a buzz and help gain followers.

2)    Pinterest Halloween Costume Look Pin to Win Contest: (Pinterest 70 Million Monthly Active Users)
Ask users to create a board themed Halloween Costume looks and ask them to pin costume looks in the board. Also remember to have them hashtag you e.g. #halloweencostumelook the best look would win a prize. This will help gain followers and pinners.

Facebook Halloween Photo Contest3)    Facebook photo competition: (1.15 Billion Monthly Active Users)
Have users submit photos of their costumes for a chance to win something from your company/brand. The costume with the most likes will win a prize. Those that participate or like any of the posts will show up in the feeds and hopefully create more exposure. Videos are also an option since Facebook’s algorithm is heavily favoring videos (to the tune of 4 billion daily total video views.)

4)    Twitter Halloween Pumpkin Competition: (232 Million Active Users)
Ask fans to tweet a picture of their carved pumpkin for a chance to win a prize. Just ask them to hashtag you, and the most favorited/retweeted pumpkin-carving picture may be chosen to win. This will create awareness and conversations of your brand. Check out these pumpkins from Ready Artwork’s pumpkin carving contest!

halloween social media pumpkins

If you’re interested in running a Halloween campaign for your business, we can help! (Check out this Halloween campaign we ran for our client, 2nd Love Cosmetics!)

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