Let’s face it. In your daily 9-5-work week, it’s very easy for your life to become full of mundane tasks and monotonous routines. Once you get in the door, it’s all the same.  Sip some coffee, reply to a few emails, have a meeting, sip some more coffee, and glue your face to a computer screen for the rest of the day.

Mundane Office Life

Believe it or not, the workplace doesn’t always have to be this way!  Here are a few tips on how you can liven up your workspace and motivate your employees!

Tip 1:

Practice an “open door policy” in which employees can express and communicate with fellow employees and upper management.

It’s important to recognize that your employees are individuals with different personalities and perspectives.  At Ready Artwork, we like to have morning briefings every other day where everyone can reflect on the tasks we’ve completed and the challenges we’ve overcome throughout the week. This open-ended meeting allows various individuals to shine, express their concerns, and share their experiences with others in the company.  Not only does this spark conversation, but it also helps create a greater understanding and appreciation among our different departments.

Morning Meeting at Ready Artowk

Tip 2:

Decorate your space efficiently!

While it may seem an unnecessary luxury to decorate your work environment, it’s actually fundamental to have a comfortable space to spend five days a week. “Employees tell us that the workplace community has influenced their decision to join an organization, to stay with one, and to commit themselves more to their work,” says Sally David, director of Sanders & Sydney (Guardian News). Offer plenty of space for employees to gather and become a cohesive unit.  Aside from large meeting tables, be sure to include areas where employees can chat.  When employees can feel a personal connection to one another, it also sparks a connection to the company.

At Ready Artwork, we like to spend a lot of our breaks on this bad-boy:

Ready Artwork Foosball

Tip 3:

Set a realistic company goal and provide incentives!

Set a goal for your company and encourage every department to help achieve this goal.  Allow different departments to take on more responsibilities and come up with creative and innovative ideas.  And don’t forget to let your employees know that you trust them and are concerned with their individual growth!

Tip 4:

Offer to host a company outing or two!

Treat your employees to a nice dinner, bowling night, or another fun activity when the team has accomplished a milestone!  An advantage of being a local, non-corporate business is that you can manage these outings quite easily.  While it may dip into the company’s profits, the return on investment can prove to be quite high.  Invest in your employees’ well being and they will be more motivated to excel in the workplace.  Ready Artwork hosts team-building events every other month for colleagues to mingle and unwind.

Last month, we shot some pool at Round 1!

Team Building

Tip 5:

Always communicate well and effectively.

This may sound like a simple a task, but it can be surprisingly difficult.  First, you should understand that every employee is an individual with a unique personality. Take the time to assess how each person works best and provide proper direction and guidance.  Most importantly, be sure to show appreciation for a job well done.  It’s commonplace for employees to be pulled in to the manager’s office when it’s time for criticism and advice on room for improvement, however, make it a habit to offer positive comments and praise when tasks are completed well.  After all, “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!”

The key to a positive and efficient work environment lies in the effort you make to enhance each individual’s value. Take time out of your busy schedule to send positive vibes to your employees or colleagues and reap the benefits of a happy workplace!