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We have explained in our previous post that plugins help provide specific functions and features for a website. Whether they are for WordPress or Magento, it is very important to choose only the best plugins to install so they work as expected.

The Deadly Consequences of Installing Bad Plugins

Meeting the security standard does not automatically make a plugin “good”. Often times the features listed in a plugin description are not what you have in mind. If it is a paid plugin, it will be too late to take action by the time you purchased and installed it onto your website just to find out the functions you are looking for are missing. Then you will have to uninstall that plugin you just installed and install another plugin that will hopefully have that features that you want.

There may be even worse scenarios you might have run into after installing a bad plugin. Losing an entire website is one of them. Most of the Magento plugins, for example, will require database modifications as well as code changes for them to work properly. If the plugin you are installing corrupted a core Magento table in the database or injected a malicious code into a core file of your website, you will lose access to both the frontend and backend of the website and in some cases, these errors cannot be recover.

How to Choose Trustworth Plugins

Unfortunately, even the best plugins are susceptible to occasional security attacks and that is why you need to be extra careful about the plugins you install on your website. Here are a few rules of thumb when selecting plugins for your website:

Number of Downloads

More downloads means a plugin is popular. If a plugin is popular, it usually implies that it is good, or it was good in the past.

Ratings (5 Stars)

If a plugin has a 4 stars rating or above and it has a decent number of downloads, you can assume the plugin is pretty safe to use.

Read the Reviews

Users who have used the plugin in the past will leave reviews that explain what they like about it, or what problems they ran into after installing them onto their websites. Read those reviews carefully. You can usually find out more information about the plugin than what is listed in the description.

Frequency of Updates

A plugin that releases update frequently means it is in active development, which means it is constantly trying to improve its functionality and fix its bugs.

Active Support Team

A good plugin usually has a support forum that users can post up questions about different functions and features. A really good plugin usually has active staff members that can answer those questions submitted in a timely manner.

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We at Ready Artwork always pick the best plugins available to install when clients come to us for web development. If you need specific features on your website but are not certain which plugins to install, let us help! Contact us today or give us a call at 626.400.4511!