The impact good ui and ux can have on your business



As a business owner, you’ve probably heard of the terms UI and UX. We’ve detailed the differences between the two in our previous blog post but as a refresher, here are the two differences briefly described:

UI – User Interface refers to the visuals, how your website looks, essentially the aesthetics of your product.

UX – User Experience refers to how your website functions, how you would navigate throughout your website, what happens if you decide to click on a button, etc.

Minor changes to your UI and UX can have a major impact on your business and in some cases can even boost sales by up to 20%! Continue reading to learn how good UI and UX can boost your business.

Form Follows Function

If you take a look at a pen, you can easily tell which side the writing side is by looking at it. It is obviously the side with the point where ink comes out of. If it is a retractable pen, it’s easy to notice that there’s a button on the top of the pen, and when you click it the pen tip appears.

For your website, the functions should be easily recognizable as well. You should also be able to easily find your navigation to go to your other pages, which page you’re on, and where to go next. For example, on an e-commerce website, a common route would be to go from the home page, and then to a category page, and then to a product page, instead of being led away from your products. Make sure your graphics support the flow.

Make It Easy

No one wants to figure out what your website is about. Visitors often take a split second to decide whether they want to continue interacting with your website. The least amount of clicks to reach your checkout or information goal, the better. Visuals can help guide your viewer to be led to specific parts of the website, such as having a color to indicate links, buttons or other important places you want your website visitor to proceed to. Our “Get a Quote” bubble is a perfect example. It is even animated to capture our visitor’s attention.

get a quote

Keep Things Optimized

Images and plugins take up space in your website. Sometimes it might sound appealing to have certain add-ons to your website, but just be sure that it doesn’t create increased load times, otherwise your viewer is going to opt to leave your website. With today’s technology, images can be pretty well-optimized even though they seem large on the website.

Using Web-Safe Fonts

You don’t have to stick with system fonts anymore, or even using fonts within images for your website. Spruce up your website with Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit, they have a huge range of beautiful fonts. Learn more about web safe fonts here on our blog post titled: What Are Web Safe Fonts? 

web safe fonts diagram

White Space is Not Dead Space

Negative space (the space around and between the subjects of an image) is important. The reason why designers love it is because it helps create focus within the graphics. If your website is too busy or cluttered, it’s hard to navigate which will leave your visitors confused. Don’t give in to the urge to want to fill every space of your website, embrace the space!

These are just a few ways that good UI and UX can help boost your online business. If you’re looking to build a new website for your business or need some help improving your website’s UI and UX, contact us or give us a call at 626.400.4511.