Rise and Shine! Your morning alarm goes off and you see a few email notifications…how can you resist?


Truthfully, many of us check our emails through our mobile devices and laptop first thing in the morning even before that first sip of coffee. You see a sales ad for your favorite online clothing store, or the updates for all the latest kickstarters you’ve been waiting for…fifteen minutes later, you find yourself immersed in the world of these newsletters.

This generation lives and breathes technology, but especially emails…did you know that there are 4.3 billion email users worldwide? Users check their emails at least every day or every week, increasing the demand and value on newsletters.  Newsletter signups are extremely important because they are relevant today. Newsletters need to be utilized for reasons such as its purpose, user interaction, cultural value, and personal control. These reasons are important in marketing strategies, but you also need to consider the logistics. Newsletters are in fact, also very cost effective…for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25. Beyond these facts and statistics of newsletter signups (the whats), we will begin to expand upon the connections (the whys and the hows).

Connect with your Customers on a Personal Level

There is something personal about receiving a crafted email. It is quick, relational, and memorable. With today’s technology, sending out personalized bulk emails are a lot easier than before. Email is a modern day addiction… statistics show that 50% of Americans check their email while in bed, 18% while driving, and 42% in the bathroom. It is an inevitable tool, because in this generation, emails target both the youth AND adults. And not to mention, with the accessibility to our mobile phones too…how can we not open our inbox?

You’re the boss, You’re in control

One of the most advantageous things about newsletter signups in digital marketing is that you (the brand) holds the control. And you can use this benefit to optimize email marketing. With modern email marketing, brands are able to begin with ideas from scratch, experiment and test ideas, find the right audience, and mold email marketing to fit the type of audience. This is dependent on the goal and the type of content portrayed. Newsletters can be extremely satisfying for customers, but that is also up to the brand and how you illustrate your newsletter sign up.

There are key aspects in a newsletter signup process and how to represent the brand. There needs to be some sort of attraction between the newsletter signup and the customers. This can be done through graphic design, web design, and content. Here’s how:

1. Graphic Design

Color, font, and/or imagery are all key. Many websites utilize various colors and images to catch the viewer’s attention first, the design of your email signup is essential in attracting your viewer and keeping them there.  It is important for your graphics to be designed in a way that customers can easily navigate through the site, but also visually pay attention to your sign-up Call To Action (CTA). A clean website design will make the job easier. For example, for one of our clients, we designed a clean, simple, and fun website. Its colors and graphics were relevant to the company, while enough to catch the reader’s attention right away. The newsletter sign up was designed with brighter contrasting colors and placed on the home page as the first item you see immediately entering the website. It clearly stated, “Sign Up for the latest product and inventory updates”. The newsletter specifically held value to customers because it was a signup CTA for customers to get updates on the most recent products and inventory, a very high value and high converting CTA because it speaks to the  customers interests in this brand.

2. Web Design/Web Programming

Aside from the looks and placement of your Newsletter signup, functionality is another key benefit of modern email marketing.  Newsletter signup forms can be placed as website popups or modal windows (These are not the traditional popups that will be filtered by Popup blockers). Modal windows can be programmed to show up after a specific amount of set time and on specific pages. You are even able to set these forms at certain scroll points and show coupon offers at relevant pages. The options are pretty robust. For one of Ready Artwork’s website projects, we set up an email signup modal window to popup after the visitors got to the shopping cart, it was a 10% discount offer if they signed up for the newsletter. After the user signed up, they were sent a coupon to their registered email. This ensured that the emails were not fake and also got the customer in a habit of checking emails for promotions.

3. Content

Newsletter signups can also be attractive because of the incentive you put out there, such as specific discounts or contests they can enter. These motives can surely grab your reader’s attention to sign up right away, and you can shape them in any way you want, whenever you want. You have the opportunity to experiment and test out what works best for your specific platform and business (email headlines, features to boost email signups, etc.) In the end, customers will remember their experience in a positive light based on what they encountered by the overall image of your website, and your newsletter is what will bring them back.


Email marketing is a definitive strategy for newsletters that comes with tools and resources not only with tracking rates and metrics, but also the use of social media. The good thing about email marketing is that it is very open-ended and can be molded through the different types of opportunities you have. For example, for one of our clients, we ran a Facebook ad campaign to gain new newsletter subscribers. The audience wanted to see the latest catalog and styles for the page, and in exchange for their email, we provided them this information. It contained value, which attracted the right people we further gained in our company audience. We were able to gain 3,502 newsletter signups in 3 months with a small budget and an optimized Facebook campaign.

In order for a newsletter to succeed, you need to maximize the use of the tools and resources in order to connect and grab the audience. Newsletter signups are essential because it will not only create a visual and story for your business, but also drive more individuals to your company in a more personal sense, and give them the latest news they are interested in.

Newsletters are a simple attraction that will make users want to come back for even more, and this is not only in your hands but in your favor as well. We found the relevancy of newsletters and email marketing but we should remember and apply it through the previous points stated; purpose, user interaction, cultural value, personal control, and web/graphic design. These features then, can together tie into one whole powerful interaction with the customers you come across. So, let Ready Artwork help you get started!