Improve Your Online Sales

The holidays may not be around the corner for most consumers, but it is definitely around the corner for small business and retail store owners like yourself! It’s time to get ahead of the game and your competitors to improve your online sales for the 2015 holiday season. Getting your customers’ attention could be difficult since there are so many other competitors out there. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the major upcoming holidays! Knock your competitors down!

1. Having A Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile sales have been steadily increasing over the years, and will continue to grow as a result of increased mobile traffic. Many users have grown accustomed to shopping on their phones since it’s easier and allows them to shop on-the-go if they get that sudden impulse to browse online. Many brands are even utilizing Instagram and other social media platforms to engage with their audience. Pro-Tip: Always be sure to link your website on your social media accounts!

2. Responding To Inquiries/Feedback

It’s very important to answer back to each customer’s inquiry and feedback. You want to make sure that it shows you value their opinion and will make every effort to accommodate their needs. Companies thrive on customer service and establishing a community! You want to make sure that you can every comment as an opportunity to problem-solve for your clients. If a problem is solved and your customers are happy, it can lead to future sales and positive word of mouth. People often use social media as a gateway to talk about their experience with a certain company or store. If you can create a positive experience for your customers, there can be a chance that others will hear about it.

3. Having Products “In Stock”

Many times when there is a huge sale or a really popular item, it is almost certain that the product will sell out. If you know that many of your customers like that certain product, you can also include a feature on your website that will let your customers know that the item is back in stock! Keeping your customers in the loop really shows that you care about your customers’ needs and wants. Adding them onto a newsletter also helps with keeping them engaged and interested in the brand.

4. Include Holiday Graphics

Visual appearance of a website is very important! You want to draw your audience onto your website to purchase something. If a specific big holiday is coming up, add in some holiday graphics that are pertinent to that day! You can add in Thanksgiving decorations, Christmas animations or banners, anything that can spice your website up would help with online sales! Decorating your website to spruce up the page can make your customers feel more at ease when shopping.

5. Offer a Holiday Discount

Offering a discount that coincides with the holiday can also increase your sales! Using callouts such as “Holiday Sale”, “Christmas Special” or “Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!” can increase your chances of people clicking onto that link as well as sharing it with their family and friends. Offering a holiday discount on the website and linking it to a certain product category can help with sales. You are funneling your customers to a certain page and directing them where to shop and purchase items.

Now that you have learned these few tricks, you can use them on your website to enhance the performance, drive traffic and sales, as well as increasing your brand awareness! To learn more about website design and features, please contact us at 626-400-4511 or [email protected]