increase website conversion rate image graphicwebsite conversion is the single-most important factor when it comes to the success of your online marketing and strategy. Every entrepreneur dreams of having a countless number of online users visit his or her website. What’s even more satisfying you ask? Having the online visitors take action when browsing your website. This is precisely what a website conversion rate is. The percentage of users who take a desired action while visiting your site. It is important to get your visitors to do whatever it is that you want them to do. Whether this means purchasing a product, signing up for your newsletter, filling out a contact form or simply registering for a webinar, your website’s conversion rate is crucial to the success of your business and marketing strategy. Here are some ways to increase your business’s website conversion rate just in time for the new year!

1. Having a Professional Look & Feel

The overall look and feel of your website is ultimately important when trying to increase your conversion rates. Having both a professional, yet safe feeling website will often times put the audience or viewers at ease. Do research on companies’ websites and ask yourself, “Would I buy from this company based on the look and feel of their website?” The way your website looks can go a long way when it comes to pulling your target audience in.

2. Capturing Information

Many companies complain about the percentage of online users who visit their site, but leave without taking an action. With that being said, there are a few ways of rectifying this situation. Encouraging users and visitors to join your company’s fan mail page is often a good first step. Attracting those same visitors to your social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook also helps to improve on this issue. Still looking to hit this problem out of the ballpark? Try using a 3rd party program such as WooBox or WishPond. These programs allow you to run ongoing contests for your online users who visit your website. This is one of the single-most important things you can do. The result of many contests is the increased number of organic ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ placing both you and your online traffic into a win-win situation. You gain a “Like” or “Follower”, while they enter for a chance to win whatever it is you are offering. It doesn’t get better than that!

3. Special Offers & Promotions

Conversion rate increase graphicOne of, if not the most important and enticing ways to increase your website’s conversion rate, is to host special offers and promotions.

Q:“Why should I visit your website to buy this product?”

A: “Because for the next 24 hours, we are offering this product at a 25% discount!”

Hosting promotions and special offers can do wonders for you and your company. For starters, this is a surefire way to increase traffic through your website. What does an increase in traffic usually mean? That’s right! An increase in your website’s conversion rate. This can mean more online purchases, email newsletter sign-ups, social media followers and likes, and more general exposure for your company.

4. A/B Testing

This kind of testing is easy to do and helps give you the information that you are desperately searching for. You and your company create two different pages (page A and page B). Both pages have different headers or headlines. A/B Testing software helps direct 50% of incoming traffic to Page A, while directing the remaining 50% traffic to page B. Both pages will have a call to action. Once the testing is done, you look to see how many people made an action on each page. If page B had 100 online purchases, while page A only had 67, you and your company can conclude that Page B helped to bring in 33 more purchases. You and your company would ultimately choose to move forward with Page B because it brought you more traffic and sales.

5. Customer Reviews

reviews affect website conversionThis may not sound important, but more than 90% of people say that their purchases online are based solely on the website’s customer reviews. Having an easy-to-use customer review system can help ensure that visitors return to your website and above all else, trust you and your company in the future.

These are 5 simple ways to increase your company’s website conversion rates. Using these techniques and strategies will also help to ensure an increase in overall traffic throughout your website and increased exposure in the online community. The overall process may not be quick, but the end results are more than satisfying and will ultimately put you and your company in a position to achieve your goals.

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