There are so many things that play a part into developing your logo. From your color choices, your choice of font and use of negative space, these elements represent your company altogether in one mark. Your company’s logo should effortlessly leave a long-lasting impression on your customers while delivering your company’s message. Some companies make the simple mistakes of creating an overcomplicated logo, or using something that resembles clipart. This could hurt your company’s image and credibility. These 3 key essentials will help you stay away from logo confusion and create the perfect logo:

1. Your logo should be versatile

Make sure your logo can be applied on different types of media. It also needs to be scalable. That means it should fit on a billboard just as nicely as it fits on a business card. Sometimes the colors on your logo won’t sit nicely on certain media, so it’s important that you have black and white options available.

2. Your logo should be recognizable

A good way to test if your logo is recognizable is if you can sketch it accurately by memory. The Nike logo is a good example because it would be difficult to get this one wrong! You want to also make sure you understand your market so that your logo appeals to the appropriate audience. If your company is very corporate and professional, stay away from complicated fonts that take away from your logo. Stay within two fonts, because anything more will be too busy. Also pay attention to how colors are used. Colors are important because they help shape the feeling and image of your logo. Take a look at this chart for reference:


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3. Your logo should be timeless

Trends are temporary and die out quickly. It’s important to develop a timeless logo that does not rely on current design trends. You shouldn’t have to change your logo every year to keep up. Like mentioned earlier, your logo should be simple and not be overcomplicated. The most iconic logos are formed with simple shapes and minimal design:

Ready Artwork has a handful of logos that we’ve developed for our clients. A good example is AtWater Studio Inc.’s logo featured below. This logo highlights all three points. The AtWater logo is professional and scales in different sizes, but also leaves a mark because it isn’t busy. Only two fonts were used to create enough contrast without taking away from the signature mark.

Creating a logo to help brand your company isn’t easy. This is why Ready Artwork has a team of professionals to help develop the best logo for your brand from start to finish. Feel free to contact us or give us a call at 626.400.4511 and we’ll help you get started!