Instagram has been known to be a popular mobile device application which allows users to capture and share their special moments with the rest of the world. Earlier this year, Snapchat was introduced and offered a similar platform like Instagram, where users can share private videos and photographs directly from one user to another.  With this feature, Instagram made an offer to acquire Snapchat as an integration to their current platform.  However, Snapchat had rejected the generous $3 Billion offer from Instagram.  Snapchat’s great idea has inspired the team at Instagram and earlier this month, Instagram introduced The Instagram Direct.

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram unveiled their brand new feature – Instagram Direct. So what is this new feature and how does it work? Instagram Direct allows you to privately message your photos and videos to specific individuals or groups up to 15 people instead of having it public for everyone to see. This feature enables you to share your moments with your close family and friends, bringing sharing to a more personal level. The CEO Kevin Systrom quoted that “communication is not about photography, necessarily”. His idea is to be able to go back to these pictures or videos to be able to have a verbal conversation about that ‘moment’. After you have shared the picture or video within the message, you are able to see who has viewed your photo message, liked it and commented on it.

Worried about spam? Instagram has already addressed this problem! With Instagram Direct, messages can only be sent to those you follow and from people who follow you – if someone sends you a message and you don’t know them, you’ll get a pending request alert so you’ll have the option of opening the message or not. Instagram Direct also gives you the option blocking unknown users from sending you messages as well. Along with enhancing the photo sharing experience for individual users, this also means new opportunities and avenues for businesses alike. What do you all think about the new feature?