Internships sound far from glamorous. They’re usually unpaid, you start out at the very bottom of the company totem pole and some internships require you to fetch lunch and make coffee. Each experience is uniquely different and provides an opportunity for discovering a career that you love.

Ready Artwork has welcomed interns into the company for several years now and are proud of the accomplishments and achievements by those who have participated in the internship program. Let’s take a look at the incredible value that the right internship can provide you.

Internships: The Purpose

First, we need to take a look at the reason for providing an internship program. Ready Artwork prides itself on providing a very hands-on, 10-week internship program. The goal is to provide as much knowledge and experience to the interns as possible which in turn, helps the community by providing opportunities.

The other great thing about internships is that they provide an experience that can’t be emulated in a classroom. Unfortunately, school usually doesn’t properly prepare you for the working world. The two worlds are vastly different.

The experience gained by having completed an internship can help you prepare for the working life, get accustomed to a set schedule and learn the valuable skill of time management.

Success Stories:

We’ve heard the stories about Steven Spielberg, Conan O’Brien, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey interning before finding their success but here at Ready Artwork we’ve had a few success stories of our own.


Tony was one of Ready Artwork’s original employees and began his time with the company as a part-time intern. At the time, Ready Artwork was getting its start and the internship was beneficial for both Tony and the company.

During his nearly 4-year tenure as a web developer, he helped launch numerous websites and helped lead the 3-person web development team which included Michael, one of Ready Artwork’s current web developers.

Tony transitioned into another web development role at another company but Ready Artwork helped him with his transition and is grateful for his time and effort and would like to strongly believe that the company played a major role in his career choice.


Joshua began as a graphic design intern at Ready Artwork. During his time as an intern, he helped produce a large quantity of marketing graphics for the marketing department. An opportunity presented itself when there was a vacancy in the marketing department and after seeing the quality of his work and embracement of Ready Artwork’s core values, he was brought on as a full-time member of the marketing team. Here’s what Joshua had to say about his time as an intern at Ready Artwork:

“My experience as a graphic design intern at Ready Artwork taught me so many things. I was exposed to material that is only briefly touched on in school. What was especially great was the opportunity to utilize the skills and knowledge I learned in school and apply it in real-life situations.  I believe that you can only learn if you are given challenging tasks that continually tests your capabilities. Although fast-paced and deadline-driven, Ready Artwork does this very well. They work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience.”

Design work done by graphic design intern Joshua:

2nd love cosmetics internship graphicau79 internship graphiczyllion internship graphic

Additional works that some of Ready Artwork’s interns helped create include:

The San Gabriel Farmer’s Market Logo – By graphic design intern Simon

Social Media Media Guide: Which Platform is Best For My Business? – By marketing intern Joycelyn

The right internship can definitely help you find the right career path that you’ll love. In some cases, it may even let you know that it may not be the right career path for you but rather than placing a great deal of time and effort into an endeavor that doesn’t suit you, getting your feet wet in the industry is what you need to help you make your decision. It may even prevent you from making career path changes later in life.

Ready Artwork is committed to helping our interns find their successful career path. If you are interested in becoming an intern for Ready Artwork, please click the following links to apply!

Graphic Design Internship
Marketing Internship