Is it time for a new logo?


When you think about logos, which ones come to mind first? Most likely you’re thinking of something highly recognizable such as McDonald’s, Nike or Coca Cola. But what makes these logos so well known and memorable? The answer is quite simple; good design. These logos are easy to comprehend, simple, have appropriate color and font choices, and are overall timeless pieces. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s time for a new logo:

Is my logo easy to comprehend?

Simple logos are not only the easier to comprehend, but they are also the most memorable. They allow for easy recognition and deliver your message quickly. Having brand recognition will help your product or service stand out from your competitors because people tend to sway towards what they’re familiar with.

Will I be able to put my logo anywhere?

A well-designed logo should be applicable on a wide range of surfaces, in any size and color. Your logo needs to be able to work well on items as small as a business card and as big as a billboard as well as printed on a black and white printer. Print your logo out in black and white to make sure it still communicates your brand, heavy gradients or colors with similar tones tend to get lost in black and white. To ensure that you do not run into problems when enlarging your logo, make sure it is available in vector format. Vector files will allow you to enlarge the image without pixelating it. Raster and vector file differences can be explained here:

Does my logo appeal to the right audience?

Color and font choice play a big role in targeting the appropriate audience for your brand. Bright, multicolored logos with bubbly fonts normally give a more playful and childish feeling. Elegant, feminine brands tend to avoid thick, chunky fonts, while a more rugged brand would stand clear of curvy, graceful fonts.

Will my logo still read the same way ten years from now?

Logos should not be designed based on trends or fads because a good logo should be able to deliver the same message regardless of its age. Take 88 Keys Music Academy logo for example – it doesn’t use any kind of trendy fonts or shape. Just nice, clean, classic elements with appropriate fonts. A logo’s longevity can promote brand recognition and in return, increase sales.

If you feel it is time for your brand to carry a new face, consider these points when making your decision. Take note that all current thriving brands have a well designed logo.