why your logo is more important than your company name

A logo is a symbolic design that is associated with an organization. A logo can be thought of as a company’s signature and a well designed logo will convey some type of feeling from an individual towards that company.

So to answer the question why a logo is more important than the company name, we consider the following elements:

  1.  Brand Recognition 
    A logo can be more important to a company than its name. One of the reasons for this is instant brand recognition. For example if I bring out the idea of a swoosh or golden arches, an individual may instantly think Nike or McDonald’s. A company’s logo ultimately becomes the face of a company and the source of quickest recognition.
    nike logo
  2. Emotions Conveyed 
    If we never heard of the word Nike and someone asked us what the word Nike means to us, it would be difficult for us to answer. However, if we have never seen the Nike logo before and someone showed us a picture of the swoosh and were asked how we felt about it, some of us may describe a feeling of motion and speed.
  3. The Thought Process
    An individual sees a Nike logo. The Nike logo elicits a type of feeling for the individual. If the logo has established enough brand recognition, it will instantly tell the individual what the company sells and if they had good or bad prior experiences with the company. These experiences may include commercials, seeing a friend with the product, or even personally using the products in the past. These memories are strong enough to generate a response from the individual. The individual is also likely to be inclined to purchase products as a result.
  4. Example of the power of logos:
    Below we can see a few popular logos with the text removed. The logos demonstrate the different levels of brand recognition. Take a look for yourself and see which ones that you can instantly recognize. Typically the logos that the majority of individuals can recognize instantly like the green mermaid in the first column proves how powerful a logo can be.

Recognizable logos

We are not saying a company’s name is not important, but a well-designed logo may weigh more in importance compared to its brand name. However, a logo without a brand would be meaningless. A company name or brand is the experience that people gather when they come in contact with your business. A logo will help retain the memories of those experiences and convey them every time that individual comes back into contact with your logo.

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