negative space logos - why less is more

Horror Vacui.

Do you know what the meaning of this word is? When you look at an art work with a LOT of unused space in it, what comes to your mind? Do you think that it’s such a waste of space? Maybe you are suffering from Horror Vacui or “kenophobia”. These terms refers to one thing; fear of empty space.

In the ancient times, this type of mindset was widely known. And this showed in some of the artworks created by Richard Dadd, and some graphic designs by artists like David Carson and Vaughan Oliver.

You may think that horror vacui is kind of an exaggeration and is just extreme but you have to admit that even in these day and age, people are experiencing the fundamental concept of horror vacui. Many just don’t want to see visual spaces.

But we believe differently. We believe that less is more. Why so? Read on.

Sophisticated Design

Cluttered designs are just too much for the eyes, don’t you think so? There is too much information, too many things to take in and too many objects to focus on that you just don’t want to look at it anymore. Meanwhile, minimalistic designs are the best way to highlight your product.

Imagine looking at a picture with a completely plain gray background and the only object in it is a picture of a bitten apple. What do you see first? The background or the bitten apple?

I think by now you already have guessed what product that is. Yes, it’s the Apple logo. What makes it look so sophisticated is the minimalism in its design. It is just clean!

Therefore, LESS is MORE sophisticated.

apple logo - negative space logos

Better Marketing

Why would you have to waste words and space in saying nothing when you can say everything in just one picture? This is better marketing. There is just so much going on nowadays. There’s an overload of information and people just don’t have enough time to look longer than 3 seconds.

Therefore, a design with just too much information in it has the higher chance of getting ignored. You completely understand how it works, right?

So the LESS is MORE principle has a higher chance of catching attention.

creative negative space logos


Directly connected to marketing, creativity is always at play in any graphic design. If you ask me, I’d say creativity is the key to any successful graphic design.

When talking about graphic designs, minimalistic approach requires more creativity. Why? It is because you have to think of the best possible way to deliver your message using the least words and elements possible. That’s really hard, don’t you think?

Therefore, minimalistic designs actually takes a longer time to develop rather than the wordy ones.

So in this case, LESS is MORE creative.

less is more creative logos

Considering all these, it’s safe to conclude then that less is definitely more. And negative space is not really negative. Negative space is actually positive design.

Do you want to have that positive design? We can definitely help you with that!

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