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Are you considering starting up a website project but not sure if you should pick a company that outsources their work versus a company that has an in-house team? It can be overwhelming finding a company that is suited for your needs. Picking the right company can be difficult, as you need to take into consideration budget, time, and quality of work. In many instances, customers who pick the wrong web development team end up dealing with many issues that result in more costs to fix the problem than what they initially had planned for. Although the price of outsourced web development is right within your budget, the problems that can arise can turn out to be a huge headache. Here’s a list of 5 major outsourcing disadvantages:

  1. Quality of Work – A lot of the websites that are outsourced do not resemble the professionalism and individualism that you might be looking for. Although they might claim to do “custom design”, the actual result of the work most likely will not be what you’re expecting. Because the work is priced at such a low cost, the only way for the outsourced company to make profit is to decrease expenses which includes advanced programmers, creative directors, project managers, experienced graphic designers, etc. There is a high chance that you won’t be entirely satisfied with the delivered work.
  2. Threat to Security – There is a high chance that your data and confidential information may be taken. If you have payroll information, or anything concerning clients’ security, there is a risk that the confidentiality might be compromised. You must check first to see if the company that you are about to work with is involved with sharing proprietary company data. Unlike having an in-house team, you’ll have less control over how your information is handled.
  3. Hidden Costs – Before starting on the project, you will need to sign a formal contract on both sides to ensure that there are no discrepancies. Anything that is not on the contract, you will need to pay additional fees. As long as the terms and conditions on the contract are met, you will need to fork over extra money for any additional changes you may want. You wouldn’t have the flexibility of an in-house team to take care of issues for you.
  4. Delay of Completion – Since outsource companies handle multiple of accounts at one time and there isn’t a professional project manager, your project could be delayed. Delay of completion can also be due to the time difference. Since they are overseas, the time frame of getting back and forth can be tiring and time consuming. Time is money! You need to make sure that your time is being used wisely and that it’s not being wasted on poor communication.
  5. Bad Reputation – Generally speaking the term “outsource” has a negative connotation. Outsourced work isn’t considered to be top of the line work; It’s mainly for getting a job done. The result wouldn’t be tailored to your needs or ideas. Wouldn’t you want your investment to have a flawless or near flawless outcome? Just remember that this is YOUR business and YOUR website, be sure to grow and nurture it.

reasons never hiring outsourced web development

Here at Ready Artwork, all of our departments are in-house from sales, project management, marketing, to programmers and designers. We create unique and custom designs for each project whether it’d be websites, graphics, or packaging. Every new client is appointed to our project management team so they will actually have a point of contact to manage the assignment. We make sure from beginning to end that you are taken care of, and that you are happy with the end results!

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