Forget those typical New Year’s Resolutions for dieting and exercising. You can always make those commitments later in the year. What about setting New Year’s Resolutions to help you and your businesses grow? Once you set your resolutions, you will be more motivated to keep them and the end goal can help develop your business and take it to another level. Here are some suggestions for your New Year’s Resolutions on how to grow your business:

1. Set your sales goals early on. Have you ever set sales goals for your business? Was it forecasted daily, weekly, or monthly? Think of it as an important process to achieve success. When you’re coming up with a sales goal, you need to know how much more sales you wish to make compared to previous years. Depending on how aggressive you want your business to grow, you can set your sales goals to increase by a 5%, 8%, or even 10%. Pull up your old records to do a comparison and analyze your growth rate. Afterward, you can calculate your growth trend and forecast your sales for the upcoming year. You always want your sales goals to be slighter higher than your forecasted sales as a way of motivation. After that, you can start coming up with an implementation/execution plan.

2. Set marketing objectives for the year. What do you wish to accomplish for this upcoming year? Is it to build brand awareness, increase your website or storefront traffic, or build your fan base? You can set multiple marketing objectives for your business, but try not to overstretch yourself. Know your limits! Once you know what objectives you want to achieve, you can start coming up with your marketing plan. Let’s just say your marketing objectives is to increase your fan base, how will you achieve that? Is it by word of mouth, Facebook promoted ads, or other campaigns? Once you figured our your marketing objectives, planning can become much easy. Check your progress! Objectives are great references to go back to at the end of the year. You will feel that you have accomplished so much more, when you’re crossing these objectives off your list.

3. Listen more. Getting feedback from your employees and customers can help improve your business and increase your sales. We sometimes simply can’t see all the flaws in our own business and/or website. By asking for feedback and actively listening to them, you will know how to better yourself and your business. Sometimes the littlest things can affect sales, services, or even the operation process.

4. Take care of yourself. A lot of business owners sometimes forget to take a break, while running their businesses. You need to have some time to relax and clear your head. Sometimes that’s the best way to generate new ideas for marketing, sales, and many other aspects of a business! You are as important as your customers. You are the only one who can take time to care for yourself.

In order to run a business successfully, you need to keep these tips in mind. What better way to start your New Year off than with some great New Year’s Resolutions!

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