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WordPress Development

Healing Care Hospice is a mission-oriented and values-based in-home hospice and palliative care service provider. Through their services, they provide families with end of life care when they are at their most vulnerable. As a Southern California-based company, they serve a diverse range of patients and care providers, making being bilingual an important asset. 


While Healing Care Hospice had a web presence, in its current state, it didn’t cater to their diverse audience base. For their new site, they wanted a bilingual website capable of catering to three distinct audience segments: families of patients, clinicians seeking services for patients and families, and potential staff.

The design needed to walk a delicate line, evoking an image of trust, reassurance, professionalism, and emotional understanding, while also promoting their services. Another important component for Healing Care Hospice was the overall voice and tone of their new site. While their competition approached hospice care in more of a sales-driven manner, Healing Care Hospice makes it their mission to always put people first – and wanted their new website to evoke their same values and compassion. 


To craft a truly empathetic solution, we immersed ourselves in the experiences of patients and their families. Drawing from our expertise in user behavior and visual communication, we developed a bilingual online experience that integrates care and compassion at crucial moments of the user journey. This approach transformed their website into a visual narrative of understanding and support.

Website Development / WordPress Development
  • Healing Care Hospice’s new website needed to serve three distinct audience segments: Families, Service Providers (Clinicians), and Potential Staff. In order to do this, we utilized a variety of custom content and capabilities, including:
  • UI/UX design made for smoother user journeys.
  • A bilingual toggle allowed the website to easily switch from English to Spanish.
  • Thoughtfully placed CTAs leading to multiple lead gen forms that were created to meet the distinct needs of all three audience segments.
  • A thorough FAQs section, added to assure families at their most vulnerable and give them access to essential information in a manner sensitive to their situation.
  • We introduced a range of micro interactions to enhance user reassurance on the website. This included the use of a video loop, featuring a tranquil sunset scene, to create a serene and calming environment. Additionally, we incorporated parallax sliders for a more engaging visual experience and implemented interactive components that serve as an introduction to the staff and communicate Healing Care Hospice’s core values. Furthermore, we integrated an interactive map of locations to emphasize the service areas of Healing Care Hospice, a crucial element for an in-home hospice and palliative care solution.

Digital Branding

To create a strong and compassionate brand identity that communicates trust, empathy, and expertise, we used our experts and the guidance of Healing Care Hospice to:

  • Create a thorough brand style guide, which established distinct rules and guidelines for their brand to make sure they maintained consistency across channels.
  • Utilize visual assets such as sunsets to evoke feelings of reflection, longing and the passing of time.
  • Using soft brand colors laid the foundation of an environment of calm, tranquility, and reflection.


With our branding strategy and newly designed and developed website, Healing Care Hospice successfully improved the user experience for their three distinct audience segments, resulting in a range of positive outcomes. These included heightened engagement from patients, clinicians, and prospective staff members, along with a more intuitive and accessible navigation system. The incorporation of bilingual communication enhanced their ability to connect with a diverse audience, while also extending their visibility and influence within the hospice care community. Furthermore, the website upgrades contributed to a more efficient staff recruitment process, an increase in referrals from clinicians, and a notable surge in positive feedback from users representing all three audience segments.



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