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Meefog is an industry leader in fog technology, serving a B2B client-base with innovative, highly effective fog solutions for many industrial applications and systems. Due to the diverse utility of their products, Meefog serves a variety of industries around the world. 


Meefog functions in a very niche-space with products capable of serving a variety of B2B industries. While they serve a very strong customer base, their digital presence was lacking. To reach new and highly-sought audiences in related industries and promote new products, they wanted to enhance their search visibility through SEO and PPC.


Accomplishing the specific goals of Meefog required a concise and intricate understanding of their unique B2B audience segments and needs. Utilizing both our broad knowledge of organic channels and an in-depth audit and research process, the teams at Ready Artwork were able to optimize Meefog’s current organic search presence, test new strategies, and dramatically improve their performance month over month.


While Meefog already had an existing website, in order to build value and increase organic search reach, we implemented a multifaceted approach, focusing on quality content and technical optimization in order to increase effectiveness. We did this by:

  • Identifying high-traffic relevant keywords to drive targeted traffic to Meefog’s website.
  • Optimizing the website by ensuring faster loading times, mobile optimization, and eliminating crawl errors.
  • Enhancing the website’s content to resonate with niche B2B audiences through industry-specific keywords.
  • Creating landing pages that were optimized to improve conversion rates and user experiences, ensuring visitors found what they were looking for quickly and with ease.
  • Implementing tracking, A/B testing, and innovative dashboards to monitor insights, track progress, and create more effective strategies.

Digital Advertising

Through the power of PPC and well-researched search and display ad placement, we were able to improve leads and enhance online performance by:

  • Improving ad quality to better target niche B2B audiences.
  • Utilize remarketing to re-engage interested audiences and turn them into conversions.


Meefog achieved a notable enhancement in their ability to connect with top-tier leads, yielding several key benefits with our SEO efforts. These included a substantial upswing in organic traffic and the acquisition of high-quality leads. They also bolstered their online presence compared to competitors, marking a significant improvement in visibility. Impressively, Meefog saw a remarkable 77% surge in microsite conversions, coupled with a remarkable 133% increase in new users and a 130% rise in overall user engagement. This impressive performance was complemented by a 59% reduction in the cost per conversion, underscoring their success in optimizing their outreach efforts.



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