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Digital Advertising

The pilot program for Metro Micro, the micro-transit initiative by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), was undertaken in collaboration with Ready Artwork. Our contribution encompassed a blend of data-informed digital approaches, website conceptualization, accessibility expertise, adherence to regulations, as well as brand enhancement and guidance. The outcome was the facilitation of one of the most triumphant digital campaigns for micro-transit in North America.


Faced with intricate responses towards public transportation, Metro Micro encountered the necessity to effectively communicate the advantages of their extended micro-transit initiative. This endeavor entailed not only promoting a favorable public perception but also addressing intricate challenges surrounding accessibility and expansion.


In close collaboration with Metro Micro, our teams at Ready Artwork developed an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy that spanned multiple channels. This strategy seamlessly integrated paid avenues, intricate data analysis, and advanced website design to not only fulfill but surpass the set objectives.

Digital Advertising

Using various means of analysis and research, including A/B testing and data analytics, we were able to enhance creative and target key audiences with optimal strategic placements across various paid and owned media channels, allowing us to:  

  • Develop and scale successful paid media campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube video ads, native ads, and display ads. 
  • Generate brand awareness within service zones.
  • Boost public image and illustrate benefits and education. 
  • Drive app downloads and usage.  
  • Drive website views and usage.


Data Analytics 

In order to track successes, effectiveness, and monitor audience behavior, we implemented various means of tracking and monitoring analytics throughout Metro Micro’s newly established digital channels using methods such as:  

  • Tracking tools integrated into digital platforms allowed us to evaluate digital strategies and scale effectively. 
  • Advanced trigger-based event tracking allowed us to identify trends and patterns in visitor engagement. 
  • All-in-one paid media dashboards for cross-channel analysis and keeping Metro Micro informed with detailed statistics and information across various channels including organic and paid search, social, video, display, OTT ads, OOH ads, and PR events. 
Website Development

As a public entity, Metro Micro needed their digital services to be accessible by diverse audiences including those with accessibility issues, handicaps, and language barriers. To help, we developed a website that not only met the standards they needed, but exceeded them, allowing for ease-of-use across audiences and platforms. To do this, we: 

  • Generated an ADA complaint website that went beyond standards to make both the website and app accessible to users with disabilities and accessibility issues. 
  • Created a website to educate and service audiences in 10 different languages. 
  • Utilized UX/UI design strategies to create a seamless experience highlighting operating zones, fares, FAQs, and clear calls-to-action.

Digital Branding 

Through our digital creative and branding services, we were able to not only spread the message of Metro Micro’s new micro-transit system, but do so in a way that enhanced their public image and informed the public of their benefits. We did this through: 

  • Utilizing A/B testing and analytics to determine creative.
  • Thorough research and analysis of audience needs and impact. 
  • Trend and pattern tracking and analysis, allowing us to reach audiences in new and creative ways. 



Metro Micro’s success shows the impact that successfully implemented digital strategies and creative insights can have on overall growth. In terms of year-over-year growth, we were able to achieve:



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