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Digital Consultation

Soultenders is a California-based private practice management company catering to mental health providers. In an effort to make mental health accessible for all, they bridged the gap between patients and care providers. They accomplish this through two methods: 1) By providing individuals with a platform to discover mental health services tailored to their unique requirements. 2) By assisting healthcare providers as both a platform for locating and attending to patients and as a support system that enables them to fulfill vital tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their patients and their professional responsibilities.


Soultenders sought to improve their online presence by enhancing their brand, increasing engagement, and creating a stronger online presence. Making this ask more unique, they needed to cater to the specific needs of two distinct audience segments: Patients (consumers) and mental health care providers (B2B).


By working side by side with Soultenders, as their digital marketing agency, we were able to take their complex needs and provide accessible solutions that catered to their B2B and consumer audiences. This unique comprehensive digital marketing strategy fostered engagement, dramatically increased conversions, and exceeded their overall objectives. Here’s how we did it:

Website Development

In order to cater to the unique needs of their two distinct audience segments and meet overall objectives, we integrated a variety of digital marketing solutions into their website including:

  • Introduce a built-in directory to showcase providers, enhancing the site’s utility and fostering better engagement.
  • Incorporate UI/UX design was used to enhance user experiences and foster increased engagement.
Digital Branding

Through their help, we created a thorough brand style guide, which established distinct rules and guidelines for their brand to make sure they maintained consistency across channels.

SEO & Web Analytics

In order to both increase and track awareness, new providers and patients, and overall mental health accessibility, we came up with a comprehensive SEO and web analytics plan, through which we were able to:

  • Ensure website content aligned with search intent and relevant industry-specific terminology to boost site visibility and rankings.
  • Implement strategies for optimal search engine visibility for both providers and patients.
  • Implemented tracking systems across various lead generation forms to increase transparency in performance and allowed for detailed measurement and goal evaluation.
  • Deploy tools and practices to monitor, analyze, and improve web traffic including Google Analytics, Heatmap Tracking and Tag Management System.

Email Marketing

To reach both their audience segments at the right time and in the right places, we aided in the development of a new email marketing strategy, which:

  • Through automation, targeted specific audience segments based on activity to better connect to them in ways that were personal, relevant, and timely.
  • Allowed Soultenders to reach their unique audiences more effectively, while freeing them up to work on their business.
    Dramatically increased conversions and return visits to their website and services.

Digital Consulting

To better connect to their audience segments, Soultenders took advantage of our Digital Consulting services, through which we:

  • Provided social media strategies to target specific audience segments.
  • Offered reputation management consulting, through which we were able to assess their current reputation, and offer areas of improvement and best practices to enhance and improve the company’s online reputation.


Through their partnership with Ready Artwork, Soultenders achieved growth in various aspects and improved their overall user experience, leading to a 39.5% year-over-year rise in average session duration and a 44.4% year-over-year increase in average page views per session.



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