While McDonald’s is a household name, one of the biggest franchises is the New York Tri State area, covering the tri-state area which includes the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. They have more than 600+ stores in the area and continually look to create more community engagement as well as interactions between local clients and consumers. They came to Ready Artwork seeking a community outreach website to promote various events.


This project necessitated a lot of custom coding and Ready Artwork’s web development team faced the challenge of having to create various coupons, buliding many custom categories, and integrating zip code recognition into the website.


While the website was meant to function as a community outreach website, our team realized that another very important feature was the coupons. These coupons also needed to work well for both desktop and mobile members.


On top of a custom responsive website, our team created coupons that members could print from a desktop computer. The coupons are allowed to printed one time only and set to expire once printed. For mobile users of the website, coupons were created to be used in-store. Once the mobile coupons were used in store, they would immediately expire. Our team also created a newsletter signup for members to receive new coupons on a monthly, recurring basis.

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