88 Keys Music Academy

88 Keys Music Academy

About the Company:

88 Keys is a music academy located in the Arcadia neighborhood. Students and instructors all participate in the 8 keys of musical succession within the academy: educate, express, explore, enjoy, experience, excellence, evaluation, and lastly enthusiasm.


For 88KeysMusicAcademy’s website, the client specifically wanted a site that would captivate their audience. They wanted to attract students who were passionate and interested in learning music from equally passionate instructors.


When designing the 88 Keys Music Academy website and logo, our graphic and development team’s goal was to present our client in a sophisticated yet creative way. We decided to go with a black and white color scheme with de-saturated imageries with a splash of red as highlights throughout the website. 88 Key’s website is mainly an informational site, and so it is important for us to display all of the content in an aesthetically pleasing yet structured way. For this task our designers came up with custom table layouts making the site organized and easy to view. Lastly, a full-screen image slider is featured on every page to emphasize the 8 Keys to Musical Success at 88 Keys Music Academy.

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