Action Stamping Logo Redesign


Established in 1983, Action Stamping is a full-service metal stamping manufacturer located in Southern California. We’ve worked with this client on a video loop and website redesign. They were so satisfied with the end result that they came back to our team to redesign their logo.


The existing logo was just the name of the company and lacked excitement.


Our designers needed to redesign the logo so that it not only displayed the years of expertise that Action Stamping had but also matched with the company’s current branding and website. With every logo design process, our designers start with research about the industry and the company. After their initial findings, they moved onto 12 napkin sketches, which our team narrowed down to two mocks after a discussion with the client. From there the mocks were tweaked until a logo was finalized. Our team wanted something bold and representative of the stamping industry. Many manufacturing companies have logos that are bold and feature geometric shapes.


The final logo is bold and san serif version of the word “Action”. This conveys to customers that Action Stamping is a leader in the metal stamping industry. The A in Action also symbolizes a piece of metal being bent to form the letter “A”. Each point of the triangle represents Action Stamping’s core values of quality, service and capabilities. The logo is simple and classic, but it invokes trust and feelings of high quality. This new logo was added to the website, business cards, and signage.

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